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About coyotek

A bit about me:

I'm a dude that enjoys drawing furry stuff.

I specialize in traditional works mostly, but I find digital works also pleasing.

I'm from Poland, central Europe.

About my work artwise:

I dont do REQUESTS and KIRIBANS, because I dont have time for them.
I do TRADES, if anyone wants a trade with me, just note me (might accept or not, depending on how busy I am).
I do COMMISSIONS. Note me to see if I'm available for one (same as in trades, might accept or not, depending on how busy I am).

All digital works here were done in oC.

Gallery updates:

Tuesday - my artwork
Friday - my artwork
Sunday - guest art

species Coyote
gender male from Radom, Poland
loves Adventure, Anthro, Brothel likes 69, Abduction, Alcohol tolerates Anime, Bukkake, Clean hates Amy Rose, Anal vore, Babyfur
952 submissions 2,340,831 page views 9,299 comments received 1,254 comments posted 174,160 profile views
groups   Unilateral Consent
  Polish Furs

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Latest Journal posted 12 Feb 2013

I created a group about prostitution fantasy since I didnt find any.

Feel free to join if you like looking at some fine hookers getting their holes stuffed xD

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DOMiNO UKAE 1 month ago
ha! found yo ass! XD
ZorroRE 2 months ago
Hey Thanks a lot for the Watch back! *^_^*
coyotek 2 months ago
No problem dude, I do appreciate good art. Though the subject of your works isnt really my cup of tea x3
ZorroRE 2 months ago
What subject? I draw almost anything and any kind of subject, theme, idea..etc etc ^^
coyotek 2 months ago
You mostly do M/M art, and I am more of a straight guy :o
Mancoin 3 months ago
Found you here too. Meow
coyotek 3 months ago
Hello! :3
~Jayla~ 6 months ago
Thanks for the watch back! <3
coyotek 6 months ago
No problem, I gave you a watchback at FA, so why not do it here also? ;3
diantha dreams 8 months ago
Thank you for the watch, I feel honored by it!
Lydia Wolf 11 months ago
Love the way you draw feet and the angles on your work it incredible.
coyotek 11 months ago
Thank you kindly ^^
alien 1 year ago
zajebiscie rysujesz
coyotek 1 year ago
Dzięki ^^
LeiLani 1 year ago
Discovered your art only a few days ago, and have been going through your gallery open-mouthed since. :O I'm honored to be watched back. *^^* I'll try not to disappoint.
smd 1 year ago
would you care for a trade kind sir? =)
coyotek 1 year ago
Sorry, currently I am too busy with commissions to accept any trade. Poke me in 2 weeks or so if you still would be interested in one.
smd 1 year ago
Sure I would. Just wanted to know if you're interested! - will nag you again in a couple of weeks :3
smd 1 year ago
Hi there :D so, are up for a trade? C=
coyotek 1 year ago
Yeah, send it up to me in a note what would you want.
VinchenzoTheJackal 1 year ago
You have pretty good art. I've heard of you for a while. I know you've had decent art. I like occasionally looking at it. Now I'll actually pay attention and watch, comment, and FAV though. You got +1 new fan!