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About KaleShadowWalker

Name: Kale ShadowWalker Faolan
Age: 31
Sex: Male
Orientation: Gay; submissive
Status: Single
Species: Werewolf
Eye color: Golden-yellow
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 275 lbs
Build: Muscular

Body Description: The werewolf know as Kale stands at a good 6 feet and 8 inches tall, sporting a muscled 275 pounds packed on his frame. His thick but soft black fur hid away the definition, but once one ran their paw or hand through his fur, they would feel how powerfully built he was. But his fur wasn't totally black, a thin streak of white fur carried all the way down his body from his chin down and across front - though most of it hidden behind his clothes - and down the underside of his tail. The fur on his head was grown out and tied back in a pony tail, the end falling right below his shoulders. His eye glow golden-yellow with any light they catch, his pointed ears twitching above his head to catch the sounds all around him, each having a hoop earring on the very tip. His nose sniffs the air, picking up all the scents around him. He flexes his four fingered hand paw, red claws ready to please or attack. Sure, four fingers meant that it was harder for him to use a computer but he knew how to work around that. He stands on large digitigrade footpaws, each having only four large ties with red claws. He had soft pawpads both on his footpawas and hand paws, though they may feel a little rough from use when ran across sensitive flesh. His muscled and long arms and legs looked as if he was just as comfortable running on all fours as he was on two feet.

Clothing Style: When ever Kale wore clothing it always matched his fur. He wore nothing but black, his shirts always tight on his chest and arms. He wears his pants loose though, held up by a spiked belt and they usually had chains or something on them, typical goth pants to say. He also wore spiked cuffs around his wrists and a spiked collar around his neck.

Personality: Despite looking like a big, bad wolf, this were was actually quite sweet and loving. He loved making new friends and enjoyed a good conversation wrapped in the arms of those he called his friends. He would always try to do what he can to help a friend, and sometimes even a total stranger if they looked like they needed saving or helped.

Always up for chatting with someone new. Feel free to PM me or

species Werewolf
gender male from Salisbury, NC, USA
loves 69, Alligator, Anaconda likes Afghan hound, Akita, Albino tolerates Alien, Angel, Avian hates Bisexual, Breast Sex, Catgirl
32 submissions 83,539 page views 394 comments received 197 comments posted 20,564 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Cetacean Males
  Dragon Males

Latest Journal posted 30 Mar 2014

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I'm glad you liked my story - if not much else good happened, at least know you made a random person on the internet happy. That's always something. Thank you :)