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About Koedi
I plan on one day being a virtuoso pianist, I like to compose and listen to classical music, and I've just started drawing =3

species Tiger
gender male
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Latest Music
Symphony 1
by Koedi    4 years ago    
Mov. II: Andante
by Koedi    5 years ago    
Movie Music!
by Koedi    5 years ago    
Ocean Journey
by Koedi    5 years ago    

Latest Stories

ReptileCynrik 5 years ago
Heyas! If you like music, just take a look at my "music" folder. ^..^ Maybe, there's something you might like... or which can inspire you. Be well!
Luciddream 5 years ago
Hey, just the guy from the forum. Wonder if your still interested in creating a coalitions story with captions =]?