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About Demowolf
8 Foot tall muscle wolf, huge massive pecs, huge arms, abs, glutz, just huge all over. You know your getting him happy, cause his nipple are the first thing to show so obviously through hsi shirt, next his huge package begins to buldge more and more. Extremely freidnly, and loevs to make friends. Extremely strong and very protective of his friends as well. If your eyes wander south, you'll notice a massive buldge in his jeans pants or shorts, whatever he's wearing at the time. What he has hidden there is a limp piece of muscled wolf emat that 28 inches long and as thick as a liter bottle. His tip his shaped liek a humans and also he's equipped with a knot. When aroused his massive meat grows to 36 1/2 inches in length[basically 3 and a half feet folks] and as thick as his massivly muscled arm. The head of his cock flaring hugely and his knot as big as a ripe watermelon. His huge sac is the size of first place winning pumpkins, so you can imagine the output. Furthermore, if he gets extra excited, his shaft extends out to a full massive 4 feet in length and as thick as his own leg. veins protrude and he's constantly pumping otu pre. He also has a super sensitive cock, so any touch to it easily sets him off into a frenzy of yiffyness. he's always up to having folks play with him, and the more who wanna roam his body the better. he's not over dominating, and doesn't force anyone to do anything, they are free to do as they wish. His cock though when at its huge erect size, looks as muscular as his entire body. Loves to play around a lot too. he loves ripping out of his pants wiht his huge cock, and flexing out of his clothes. He's yet to ahve anyone complain, and folks always seem to come for more, he's honest and tries not to let his looks go to his head. he knows there is always somone better out there and he just tries to keep others with a nice smile plastered on their faces. When everythign is said and done, typically, there is a lot of cleanign up to do, someitmes it can get wild and super super messy in a good way. He also is willign to help folks who wanna be huge to be huge for a day as a trial basis run, if they enjoyed it, than he just gives them a little somehting to keep them huge or to be able to switch betwen huge and normal.
species Wolf
gender male
loves 69, Adult, Animated likes Action, Adventure, Akita tolerates Choral, Dancing, Fighting hates Acid Jazz, Bass, Breakbeat
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groups   All Male Gayness
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