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Don't be shy, if you're interested in my art and wanna know about it, just ask me...i'm not biting ;P
You can ask me everything you want ! ;)
If you want to talk with me in person, just add me in your ICQ: 119899048
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Latest Journal posted 19 Jul 2013

Hey guys ... i think it's time to move on ...

I have a friend that is currently in hospital ... it's pretty serious..and i really worried about his health.

But he was supposed to be my roommate for the Eurofurence ...and he can't participate anymore due to ... mentioned above !

So, if there is anyone out there who wanted to participate to EF in the first place, there is now a room to share with me.
Eurofurence takes place in August 21th until 25th

Here's the link

If anyone is interested, let me know as soon as possible ... well i don't really believe there is anyone wanting to go there anyway at the time ... but i have to mention it ... first come first serve.

If there is someone ... i will help to conduct everything that has to be done.

Let me know very soon ... time is kinda running out !
Drop me a note please if you're interested !



Grahckheuhl 6 days ago
Blue Pride!
Survion 6 days ago
Yay o..o
GoldenEmotions 3 months ago
Bin zufällig hier gelandet und wollte, auch wenn wir uns nicht kennen, die ein Frohes Fest und ein tolles Ende für 2013 wünschen!
Survion 3 months ago
Danke dir, auch wenn wir uns nicht kennen aber das war dennoch sehr nett von dir, und wo wir schon dabei sind wünsche ich dir ebenfalls ein Frohes Fest und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr ! o..o
GoldenEmotions 3 months ago
Wenn es etwas nettes ist schadet es nie einen Kommentar zu hinterlassen. Und Weihnachten ist definitv ein guter Grund anderen einfach etwas Freude zu wünschen! ^-^
Und ein Danke zurück!
Survion 3 months ago
Das stimmt, man sollte das viel öfters machen, fühl dich mal gedrückt, hat mich wirklich gefreut o..o
*tailwags excitedly*
Und bitte bitte ^^
GoldenEmotions 3 months ago
Aww zu hören das es dich wirklich gefreut hat ist super! Einfach klasse! Und wie ich sehe darf ich dich nun einen meiner Watcher nennen, herzlichsten Dank dafür! <3 -hugs-
Survion 3 months ago
Sicher und gerne hast es dir ja auch verdient ^^
*wriggles his tail* o..o
Wounded Knee 4 months ago
Look, you don't have to answer this if you don't want to but, and I have a feeling I may already know the answer: How's the pic coming along?
Wounded Knee 5 months ago
How's the drawing coming?
Survion 5 months ago
Sorry i haven't even started yet ... no time right now v..v
Wounded Knee 6 months ago
Hey, do you take requests?
Survion 6 months ago
Normally no i don't take requests anymore o..o Depends on what i shall draw o.o
Wounded Knee 6 months ago
I was just thinking about a mechanized female Godzilla pregnant.
Survion 6 months ago
Mechanized female Godzilla ... yeah ..why not ... pregnant ...uhm no, sorry.
Wounded Knee 6 months ago
Okay, well forget the pregnant part.
Wounded Knee 6 months ago
But I do have a question on that part, though I have a feeling I may already know the answer: Just why not to the no pregnant part about a mechanized female Godzilla?
Survion 6 months ago
I could just say "just because.." but i will give you a brief explanation.
Because i don't wanna draw pregnancy at all.
Because (if it's true) i don't wanna flatter a 16 year guy who is absolutely into pregnancy. It's kinda wierd to me. Because "why would a mechanical female Godzilla get pregnant at all ?". Because i don't wanna draw pregnant creatures.

No offence, but i won't draw pregnancy, just because you kinda like it and may use it for *add random fetish here* !
If you want to see me draw a pregnant Godzilla ... well as commision i may think about it.
Wounded Knee 6 months ago
Okay, well just forget about the pregnant part.
Wounded Knee 6 months ago
I mean, just asking but, how are you going to distinguish it's a female?
Survion 6 months ago
Hm, lets see, i don't really have to make her "growly" and mostrous like the original.
A more overall alm expression should do the job.
And there is still the change to humanize her even more ... giving her boobs and she doesn't have to wear clothes ... you know pussy and stuff can be shown too >..<
Wounded Knee 6 months ago
Yeah, I know. To be honest, I don't have a problem with it.
Survion 6 months ago
Alrighty, why not ... i wil try that sometimes o..o
Wounded Knee 6 months ago
Thanks, dude. I need to know something, though.
Survion 6 months ago
Shoot !
Wounded Knee 6 months ago
You may say no, you may not, I don't know. I want to know this: If I credit you, is it okay if I post the art elsewhere?
Survion 6 months ago
Where ? o..o
Wounded Knee 6 months ago
Well, I don't know, but I know it's not going to be posted on Rule34.
Survion 6 months ago
Just let me know where you're going to post it ... i wanna know that beforehand please ! o..o
Wounded Knee 6 months ago
Well, here, Furaffinity, InkBunny, and Hentaifoundry
Survion 6 months ago
Here, FA, InkBunnk and DA is my job but you can upload it aswell ... and the other site is okay as long as you credit me of yourse o..o
Wounded Knee 6 months ago
I always give credit.
Survion 6 months ago
Alright ... i'll start when i have time. Will let you know about it.
Wounded Knee 6 months ago
Toumal 9 months ago
*hugs the dragon*
Survion 9 months ago
*mrews and wriggles himself* o..o
MechaChick 9 months ago
Thank you kindly for the watch ^_^
Survion 9 months ago
Oh no, you don't have to thank me, it's more like the other way arround ^=^
But anyway , you welcome ^=^
Of The Wilds 1 year ago
Thanks so much for the watch! What submission of mine got you watching?
Survion 1 year ago
You're very welcome and it was Love in the silver Rain which got me watching, awesome picture ^.=.^
Of The Wilds 1 year ago
Sweet! Yeah, it's beautiful. I was really happy to get it. It's fan art of a scene in my story, "SIlver Rain And Crimson Blood." Which is the 4th installment of my ongoing series, "The Dragon In The Dungeon." Check it out if you like, as it's inspired that art!
Survion 1 year ago
Okay, yeah i should do that some time ^^
Achelladuega 1 year ago
Thanx for the watch
Drathlon 1 year ago
No problem my friend ;)