About Lyk
I'm a 24 years old guy from germany and 'new' in the 'furry-scene'. My first (and only)'Anthro' was a moose with 5 years, for a long time (maybe 10-12 years)
please forgive me my bad english :)

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species Wolf - in reallife a human (sadly^^)
gender male from Berlin, Germany
loves Amphibian, Anal, Babyfur likes 69, Avian, BDSM
140 submissions 77,832 page views 656 comments received 379 comments posted 14,242 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
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Io 1 week ago
Woooof! XP
Feros 1 month ago
Auh Mr. Lyk... Mein Lieblingswolfs/Horse... Ehhh.. Remix.. :D ..

Ich danke dir ganz lieb :3 ... *Dir auch einen lieben Gruß da lass und dich gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanz doll zerknuddelt* x333
Io 3 months ago
May you & yours have a Merry Christmas & the best wishes of this coming New Year! XP
ArkantosArcticFox 4 months ago
Thanks :3
stick1234 5 months ago
*tug tug tug*
JRuskin 7 months ago
Toumal 8 months ago
*nuzzle nuzzle*
Lyk 8 months ago
Toumal 6 months ago
Io 9 months ago
Woooof! XP
Lyk 8 months ago
Io 8 months ago
Whaa...! *Falls to the floor* XP
Lyk 8 months ago
everything okay? *pokes your nose*
Io 8 months ago
*Grabs you down & nuzzles you* XP
Tristan Black Wolf 10 months ago
Thank you very much for watching! I hope my work continues to entertain you as much as yours does me.
Lyk 10 months ago
You're welcome :)
Toumal 10 months ago
*hugs the cute woof*
Lyk 10 months ago
*gives the orca a kiss on his nose*