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Hello! I'm back from being non-existent and am ready for action! ... kind of. And to now get rid of the embarrassingly old gallery and put up new things!

And feel free to talk with me, I don't bite. :3
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Latest Journal posted 25 May 2010

Alrighty my lovelies! It is the beginning (kind of) of summer, meaning some-odd months before the amazing college life starts up again! And so the perfect time to try out this commissioning business to help fund the ramen stock!

To start:
-For now just pin-ups, because I'm still practicing actual scenes. Keep in mind, this is just for one character. For two or more, message me and we'll discuss it.

-No elaborate backgrounds! Just something simple to help the image 'pop'.
-References are a absolute must! Please indicate if you want your character drawn completely nude or if you'd like them wearing some kind of lingerie.
-I require payment before sending the picture, preferably having it sent before I start. This ensures we both stay happy. :)
-I accept paypal only (for now) and make sure it is marked as a GIFT.

Simple shading- 10-15 USD/EUR

Detailed ...


Da Ermine 2 years ago
wild night I nomd some "special" brownies. Here's the video.
kotoga 2 years ago
freu mich das du wieder da und wieder aktiv bist^^
Kaleidoscope 2 years ago
@_@ OHMIGAH -smothers in hearts-
Yes, watch me all you want!
Da Ermine 2 years ago
Future-Dreamer 2 years ago
Ja, ich bin noch da. :3 Kein Problem. :D *dich knuddel* <3
Lust zu chatten auf MSN? 83
teardropandmagnum 3 years ago
Future-Dreamer 3 years ago
Hey, noch jemand aus Deutschland. :3 *dich zur Begrüssung drück*
hibari 3 years ago
no i saw through her fake breasts l3
Jim husky 3 years ago
jus droppin a hello ^^
hibari 3 years ago
no ignored that one friendship chick most of that series
Verona 3 years ago
Just a random comment: LOL! Your icon makes me laugh! D: