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Latest Journal posted 27 Aug 2009
I just wanted to let everyone know that Im sorry I havent done shit in ages, Ive just been dealing with a lot of stuff. My supposed boyfriend dumped me over a stupid argument, and in the same way that his first love dumped him (by cutting all contact with him). You'd think someone with a shred of decency would have said "its over" or something, but no, just the way he was hurt so many years ago he has hurt me. Secondly, my best friend, the guy i thought of as my brother, moved away and in a very dick move let me know that in less than a week he'd already replaced me. He later said that he has many best friends, but then that feels like I'm like a tie to him, one for every occasion. I thought we were closer than that, so I've been depressed and slowly recovering. I had started a new chapter, but haven't had the energy to finish it, though I'll do my best to get back on track by Christmas. Like I said a loooong time ago, I abhor an unfinished story, and you'll know when I'm done. Thanks to everyone who understa...

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Will Thomson 4 months ago
Suddenly started remembering about your stories and all. Hope you're doing ok and all and that you are still writing. Take care.
BrushingCrumbs 6 years ago
HAPPY FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY! XD Hope you have an amazing day! You'r stories rock too btw. ^-^ Lots of birthday huggles, Zak. (P.S. Hope you're wearing your birthday suit!)