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Hi all! ^^ some of you know me from Tapestries Muck (those of you who speak english), y otros me conocereis por los foros y comunidades furry españolas ^^

--- english below ---

Aunque soy mucho mas mayor en la vida real, mi fursona Salmy es un guepardo de 16 años, porque me gusta pensar que me conservo joven de corazon, aunque a veces no solo para las cosas buenas ^^;

Me encanta el arte 'mono' y sobre todo con cachorros. Es mi debilidad y no lo oculto. Ya se que hay muchos adultos que son monos tambien, pero es que los cachorros son TAN monos! :D Sobre todo los de Disney x3

Aqui subire todo lo que FA ya no admite, aparte de las novedades que vaya llegando. Para los que quieran ver todo lo que me han hecho desde el principio, visitad mi galeria de Inkbunny tambien. Agradezco a todos los artistas el detalle y el honor :) Respeto muchisimo a los que saben dibujar. No es facil, y puede ser muy frustrante.

Por otro lado, soy de Madrid, aunque gallego de nacimiento.

Por ultimo, me encanta conocer gente nueva. Aunque no conecto demasiado a msn, no dudes en añadirme ^^ Y por supuesto, para conocer a mas furries españoles o de habla hispana, visita !

--- In english ---

Even though IRL I'm much older, my main fursona is 16yo cheetah, mostly because I like to think I remain that young at heart, for the good and the bad things ^^;

I love cute drawings, mostly of cubs. I like cuteness, what can I say? Of course there are many cute adults out there too, and I don't discard them, but tell me about a cub who isn't 'cute' ^^

I'll post here the drawings that were on FA that can't be there anymore, plus all the new stuff I get. If you want to see everything I've ever been done, you can go to my Inkbunny gallery. I'll try to comment and thank you all great furry artists for sharing your art with the rest of the world for the heck of it ^^

Proud to be avatar?user=95264&character=0&clevel=0 knox, love of my life, mate.
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Latest Journal posted 05 Oct 2011
... or two?

TL/DR at the end for the lazy ones!

See, I've been a Lion King fan since 1994, even before it was ever released. The first search I performed on yahoo the very first time I connected to the Internet in 1996 was 'the lion king', and the first website I've ever visited was what today is, Brian Tiemann's site. In '97 I joined The Lion King Muck, a roleplay game where you could either play a character of the movie or a totally original one. I've been there for years, even became wizard. Made lots of friends and met the furry fandom.

When TLK came into Imax I went to London to see Kenket and other friends from TLK Muck and go watch the Imax version with them, in a quick, one-day trip.

I went to USA three times and saw the Imax version there again, and two out of those three times I saw the theatrical play.

I consider myself the biggest TLK nut ever, at least in Spain, and you know what? I want to see the 3D version ...


FurryGuy288 1 month ago
your welcome
osoalex 2 months ago
Gracias por el watch ^^
Io 8 months ago
Woooof! *Pounce, hugs, nuzzle & licks* XP
Bluedmoka 9 months ago
Es bueno sentirse joven. La verdad me pasa igual, me gusta que mis personajes no envejezcan. Tú sabes, así como tu guepardo. Lastima que el mundo toon y el real distan por kilómetros de años luz... en fin chida tu gallery chavo.
Raziel dragon 1 year ago
Np! Thanks for being a great artist for me to watch! : )
salmy 1 year ago
Hahaha, only that I'm not an artist, just a comissioner ^^
Raziel dragon 1 year ago
Well,you still had the artistic creatitvity to come up with your fursona to begin with. ; )
salmy 11 months ago
Hahaha, ok, thank you! ^^
Io 1 year ago
Woof! *Hugs, nuzzle & licks* XP
Io 1 year ago
Wishing you & yours the best of the holidays
Merry Christmas! *Hugs, Nuzzles & Licks* ^__^

Jordanli 1 year ago
You are welcome!
SickSadWorld 1 year ago
You are very welcome.
Toumal 1 year ago
Heya, hope you like the latest site update news, you are in part to blame for them ;)
salmy 1 year ago
Yay, glad to be guilty! xD Now it's much more comfortable, thank you! :)