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About Arcane Reno

Hey, look! I haz a profile! o:

I also have a really cool podcast called 1337-Four! For major nerd creds, you can come check us out at

Beyond all that, I'm just a guy who likes to write from time to time. I'm not the fastest writer in the world, but I try to have something up on a fairly regular basis. Feedback is my friend! If you like what I write, or hate it, please let me know! It helps me improve. I am aiming to break into the novel business at some point, so all input is welcome! If you like what I write, and feel like sending a tip, I certainly won't say no! Every little bit helps, and you get oodles of internet points by clicking this little link here!

Other stuff I like... Hmm, gaming (not just the electronic kinds either) and reading, naturally, especially sci-fi and fantasy. I'm into a lot of outdoorsy stuff too. I love hiking and skiing and biking, and I fence (yes, the sword kind, not the 'dividing houses' kind), play tennis, as well as a bunch of other random fun stuff. I love electronic music, particularly trance and dubstep, though my tastes are pretty wide.

Things I dislike: People who ask for advice, then ignore it. Arrogance in all its forms. Writers who feel that proper grammar is uncool. Grapefruit. D:


Roleplay?  Mmm, usually not interested, sorry! If you care to chat for other reasons however, I'm always open to such, so give me a poke! 

MSN/Skype/Gtalk: Ask me.


Will you be my beta reader?

In a word, no, sorry. If you ask me to take a look and leave a comment on your story, I'll do my best to accomodate you, but my time is already divided as it is for beta reading. 


Can I be your beta reader?

The general answer to this is also no, as there are others filling that role currently. However, if you have a genuine interest in helping out, feel free to shoot me a message. Also, I may consider doing more livewrites in the future, if there's any interest in that.

Requests/Suggestions: Maybe, no harm in asking! But I keep my own schedule, and have a lineup of stories already that I want to write. It has to be an idea I'm pretty enamored with for me to take it up.

Commissions: Currently CLOSED. However, pricing is as follows (subject to change):

$3/1000 words for a 2 character story.

+$1/1000 words to add a third character.

+$2 per character/1000 words for four characters or more.

'Character' means any character with significant involvement in the story. This includes active participants in sex scenes, even if they have had no prior character development. No charge for transient characters. (Cameos, single lines of dialogue, 'extras' in the shot, redshirts, etc.)

All wordcounts are rounded up from 700, anything below is floored to the nearest thousand.

Once the story idea has been discussed in some detail, I give you an estimate on projected wordcount. Further details can be adjusted from there.

I do not pad my wordcounts, and I do not purposely go far over projected wordcounts. Initial estimates are just that - estimates - but there shouldn't be much more than 2k of difference, less or more. Anything I've added of my own accord is free of charge.

You can define what you feel is a reasonable wordcount limit, but be advised that story quality/detail may decrease. I can only estimate how long the final product will be, and many factors can affect the length of the story. I don't charge for words over predefined limits.

At the 1000 word mark or so, I send you a preview so you can be sure you're happy with the content. If it's good to go, I continue working on it until it's finished (possibly sending further updates for longer stories). After payment, you receive the story file to do with as you like.

Things I won't do: 

Rape (if it's in there as a sexual kink only), torture (again, as a kink), vore (exceptions may be made if it's soft), snuff, hyperphallic, scat/vomiting.    

Thanks for visiting!

species Level 5 Feral couch
gender male from Canada!
loves Amaterasu, Canine, Feline tolerates Pseudo-Rape/NC, Torture, vore hates Anal vore, Genital vore, Knuckles
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Majin Rebellion 1 month ago
I admire how you have tips for upcoming writers or in general itself. I'm hoping to create my own stories in the near future so I just had to subscribe to your Writing Tips folder ^^ It will definitely come in handy when the time comes.

With that being said I shall take a look at your stories!
Arcane Reno 1 month ago
Thank ya! I'm glad that you found them useful. Hopefully, there will be more of those to come in the future too, as I acquire more helpful knowledge to pass on. :) Hope you enjoy the stories too!
Slatepaws 2 months ago
Any interest in continuing dimensional balance?
Sveargeith 2 months ago
no problem. i thought i was watching you for the longest time and only just realized i hadnt been >.<
Empyreus 2 months ago
I found you via Colours of Fancy (which was fantastic).

Now I am left wondering how I managed to go as long as I did without stumbling across your other works.

That was a grievous mistake... :3
Arcane Reno 2 months ago
Heh, glad you like what you've read so far. ^^ Definitely lots more to follow!
Brothen 2 months ago
No problem, thanks for sharing!
K4RN4GE 2 months ago
Hey, what's up buddy? Haven't spoken to you in awhile. Hoping to change that. Think maybe in the near future we could chat on skype? Even if it's not a video call, it would be cool to speak with someone who I have known about for quite awhile.
Arcane Reno 2 months ago
Oh hey! Yeah, it's definitely been awhile since I last heard anything from you, but glad to see you're still around! Sure, I'd be happy to add ya. I'll shoot you a PM.
TheWanderingPikachu 2 months ago
Hello! I assume you saw my comment a couple weeks ago, but just wondering if you could answer it even if I'm reposting it here.

So, how come you asked in the past if I read Robert Baird's or Whyte Yote's work? I know that was something I should've asked months ago, but it didn't occur to me then and did when I looked at my shouts again, a couple weeks ago after faving another story (a 2-parter) on here. Are they detailed writers to learn from or something? Since I won't just read ANY old thing that I'm directed on to do so, plus I am kinda not in the habit of reading (or writing, still being on hiatus) much right now, though I have read some things more relevant to my personal interests in terms of writing recently. If you think they'd help me, even if I know my writing is a long ways off from being decent, though I need to take my time with writing and not rush it like most of my work on AGNPH to date. That'd be a start, for one thing...
Arcane Reno 2 months ago
Mm, I recommended them because I consider them to be two of the most talented folks I've read, on this, or any other site. It's less a matter of relevant material than it is of overall quality, if that makes sense.
Dragon Black 5 months ago
I really want to see more of DB.
Arcane Reno 5 months ago
And there is plenty more to come, fear not. ^^ It's just been on hold for a bit.
tiger245 6 months ago
what ever happened to DB
Arcane Reno 6 months ago
Nothing's happened to it, it's merely been on the back burner for awhile.
James_Roshal 6 months ago
Lots of other projects on the table?
Arcane Reno 5 months ago
Always are. o:
ChainedBirds 11 months ago
Thanx for the vote!