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I'm not really here. If you need help, then ask. I will do what I can. species Shaddow
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Tbohn 2 years ago
Glad you liked my story! Thank you for reading it.
SnowblindOtter 2 years ago
Thanks for the faves, comments, and votes!
Dikran_O 2 years ago
Thanks for Watch'n Vote'n and Fav'n!
kimo 2 years ago
hey! thanks for the faves and the fives!
HornyBunny 2 years ago
thanks for the watch.
Bear Cub Comics 3 years ago
Issue 9 is finally up. I hope you enjoy it.
MrGimp21 3 years ago
Thanks for the comments, the faves and the watch! Much appreciated!
Toumal 4 years ago
Thanks for the faves and the praise ^_^
Fenryx 4 years ago
OK, just so you know, I have another series of furry super heroes in a slightly darker vein. Part three of Pet Shop Patrol is handwritten but not typed up yet. When it gets typed up it will be posted.
ChloeTheFirefox 4 years ago
Thanks for all the favs and the watch!
Hope you enjoyed my stories!
p.s. there's another one on the way