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D.O.B.: Oct. 13
Gender: Male
Orientation: Gay
Species: Fox
Relationship Status: Taken

I'm just your average red fox that enjoys to write. I've been at it for awhile now, really starting to do it outside of a forced setting (i.e., school) when I was sixteen. I post my little scribbles up here when I finish one in the hopes someone will read and enjoy it, since without an audience, a writer is nothing.

My genres and tastes vary widely, and I try to sometimes write things I don't have a personal interest in per se just to make things interesting. I mostly like to write about romance and relationships, since it tends to be the most fun for me. I do not currently do commissions or take requests, and that's not likely to change for the foreseeable future.

On the personal side of things, I live in the Northeast with my snow leopard. We've been together for 5 years, and look forward to many more. My hobbies vary widely, probably too many to list here. Feel free to IM me, I don't bite. However, I do not do RPs of any sort.

"What would there be in a story of happiness? Only what prepares it, only what destroys it can be told."
~André Gide

"Every author in some way portrays himself in his works, even if it be against his will."
species Kangaroo
gender male from Rochester, U.S.
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Gruffy 1 week ago
Oh my, you've got a new user name! Now this is gonna take getting used to...
VoodooRoo 1 week ago
LOL, yeah, to reflect the species change, hehe
Gruffy 1 week ago
Heheh, nice! :P Hope this reinforces your writing drive, too!
Nickster 3 months ago
Your stories are some of the most touching and emotional pieces that I've ever had the pleasure to read. I'm not trying to sound pompous or pretentious, but I've got a pretty cold shell when it comes to attaching myself to characters in literature, but I couldn't help but be stricken with solemnity when Niko died or when Raine discovered that note the morning after. So, for writing such wonderful stories, I want to say thank you. They've been an absolute pleasure to read.
Gruffy 8 months ago
Is it time for an update soon? :P
CobaltMouse 1 year ago
Hey there! What happened to the rest of Into the Sun? I somehow found the first part, but none of the rest is showing up.
Peoplerock 1 year ago
I haven't read too many of your stories, but the ones I read were long and extensive, and that's just the way I like them.

I'll never forget how hauntingly precise and extensive Bayard's everyday life was in God of Wine. That was a good read.

If you're not a professional writer then there is truly something wrong with the world
Artie_Koda 2 years ago
Hello, I just read one of your stories and enjoyed it immensely ... and's that probably as profound as I'm gonna get.

Hmm, I suppose I should end this with something optimistic and generic ... how about--Good Work! No, that makes me sound like I'm your boss. Alright lets try... keep writing! Naw, that sounds condescending ... Just pretend I said something deep and thought-provoking.

Willace Diamond 2 years ago
Hello, just wanted to say that I'm supper glad and appriciative for the fave and I hope you like the entire story, Working on the seventh chapter right now =)
Toumal 3 years ago
Heya! I love your stories, keep them coming ^_^
skize 3 years ago
Dreams of Ghosts was truley an awesome read. Thank you.
Solarian 3 years ago
'Into the Sun' is my favorite story series on SoFurry! *high five* :D