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species Blue werewolf
gender male
loves Canine, M/M 19 submissions 10,356 page views 66 comments received 12 comments posted 3,728 profile views
groups   German shepherd furs!

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Latest Journal posted 11 Nov 2010

Hey guys, this is Razor blitz from FA but you can call me Trivol. Pleasure to meet you all. I'll be making a transition from FA to SF. It may take a few days or a week to get everything in order. Feel free to add me if you wish and I'll be sure to comment and fave whatever I think is good art. Hope to talk to you guys later and pleasure to meet all the new ones that I haven't see before. 

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Io 4 months ago
May you & yours have a Merry Christmas & the best wishes of this coming New Year! XP
Perrin Wolfbrother 1 year ago
Thank you for the watch icon_biggrin.gif
Io 1 year ago
Wishing you & yours the best of the holidays
Merry Christmas! *Hugs, Nuzzles & Licks* ^__^

Io 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch! ^__^
Razor Blitz 1 year ago
You're welcome. :). Seems like your icon is done by Wookiee lol.
Io 1 year ago
Actualy it was done by Nimrais. ^__^
Razor Blitz 1 year ago
Oh yeah, she's good <3. Hey, you wanna talk on IM sometime? :)
Io 1 year ago
Sorry for the late reply, I'm MSN.
GladiatorW07f 2 years ago
I enjoy your work. Took forever to find you though
Razor Blitz 2 years ago
Thanks, glad you like the stuff I commission :). You have some interesting stuff as well.
GladiatorW07f 2 years ago
Well be sure to comment on what you like so i can keep posting things people like.
Neelix 3 years ago
Hey I know you! Hehe ^.^ *pounces*
Azarae Tarasaki 3 years ago
Thanks for the watch.
thoron 3 years ago
Who could I have not noticed you here on SF? It's good to see you posting stuff here.