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Do not complain in my shoutbox, send a PM. I will not respond if you complain about moderator actions in my shoutbox.

I am a member of the SoFurry staff as a reviewer. It is my job to make sure all the submissions are in line with the AUP. If I took something of yours down, it was for a good reason. Contact me by PM and I can help you sort it out if you don't understand.
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Latest Journal posted 28 Jan 2012

For those you you who don't visit the forums there is currently a debate going on about if we should allow non-furry submissions or not in the future. Please go here and voice your opinion on the matter. I would like as many users as possible to post there as this is no light decision.


s p 1 year ago
Rega256 1 year ago
ah sorry for the mistake ^_^
suicidal ewok 1 year ago
No worries, everyone makes mistakes.
Kitty Softpaws 1 year ago
Welcome to faceless demos :D
suicidal ewok 1 year ago
Wait what? I never joined... That is weird.
Kitty Softpaws 1 year ago
It says you did :3
suicidal ewok 1 year ago
Visited the page to check something out about it. But never clicked the join button.
Jacob King 1 year ago
Someone on SoFurry who actually hates the Lion King...haha, that's so cool.

Furries liking the Lion King is so mainstream.
suicidal ewok 1 year ago
Actually, I love The Lion King. One of the greatest movies I have ever seen. I just can't stand the things that get posted here about it. Most of them are just bad. I had that on there from when the hate list filtered out the tag.
shady_creepy_kid 2 years ago
sorry about miss labelling my submission i only joined today XP
thank you for the correction though!
carlos_penguin 2 years ago
Happy Holidays, dude! icon_biggrin.gif
Angel LeFey 2 years ago
I just thought to say you are a really cool fur and I thing you need a hug. *hugs*
Well, I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Scotia Bernard 2 years ago
I really wish everyone would leave Ewok alone. He's doing his job. He's a good guy, and has been a good friend to me through the years.
suicidal ewok 2 years ago
I finally decided to go through and delete a ton of those old hate shouts. Got a good laugh out of rereading them.
Randall Ranger 2 years ago
Being watched by a submission admin? That's a first. o.o
Thanks for the watch. :)
suicidal ewok 2 years ago
Admins are people too! Though admittedly I don't get the chance to read nearly as many stories as I would like.
Randall Ranger 2 years ago
I understand... you have to look over the place to make sure people are posting the right things. out here.
Celzic 2 years ago
My god, you take so much from idiots like those @_@
suicidal ewok 2 years ago
You get used to it really quickly, not like it means anything. They shout and scream but get nothing done by it.