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Welp, im a pretty good natured individual, I love talking and drawing, Hopefully ill upload some work shortly once I get a way to heh do enjoy a good reptile umm *shrugs* other then that not sure what else to say

Do feel free to PM if you ever wanna talk

Suppose I should Finally do a little Bio of my characters.

Raithian or Raith.
Height = 12 feet tall. (When normal, 6' 4")

(Sizes change depending on other persons preference)

Body = Muscular body building type with a swimmers tone

Look = His scales are a slightly dull white with crimson eyes since hes albino. Usually he wears a pair of loose rave style cargo pants as well as his jacket and usually a T-shirt underneath. His muscles are firm beneath his scales and his back and top of his tail are covered in gently bumped scales. his tail is fairly thick and quite prehensile.

Personality = Hes easy going and abit of a tease, enjoys a good joke and a good time as well as interesting conversation.

Amusing Anecdotes  

Javakat:  just dont use the S word and your balls wont be kicked hard enough that they turn into ovaries.
Raithian: I always liked being a herm

species An Albino Alligator of Varying Sizes and Gender
gender male from Florida, USA
loves 69, Albino, Alien likes Crossdressing, Light Bondage, Mind Control hates Babyfur, Cum Digestion, Date rape
94 submissions 47,577 page views 394 comments received 870 comments posted 16,663 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Cetacean Males
  Tentacles on Males

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Thanks for the Fav and vote! Even though I didn't draw it. XD *hands you a cookie*
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Thanks for the +favs ^.=.^
Skibs 3 months ago
Thanks for the +fav
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Hope I didn't scare ya off. If ya ever wanna chat just hit me up.
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raithian 3 months ago
De nada, youre welcome
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Thank you for the warm welcome ^^
Is there a place where I can go, or someone I can talk to, to find out about site features?
raithian 3 months ago
The Wiki's a good place to start Im not entirely sure how up to date it is but the SF chat is another decent place to ask people
Leonard Wolfe 3 months ago
Thank you so very much for your help ^^
raithian 3 months ago
Youre quite welcome
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Hey Thanks a lot for the Watch *^_^*
raithian 3 months ago
Of course ^_^ youre quite welcome