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About Thunder Darkstone

My name is Thunder Darkstone.

I'm a 28 year old male brown and white furred American coyote. I am a two spirit kanienkehaka (Mohawk) deeply in love with a Roman shark whom happened upon my shores going through a spirit realm after a freak trieme mishap while at sea.
As for myself, I love to write, and writing is my primary creative hobby, but as my gallery will indicate, I do draw as well.

I am happily mated to my reefy shark, Lightning. Konnorónhkwa. :3

Hobbies: Including but not limited to: cooking (I'ma chef!), driving around, crafting things, playing Video games (both PC and consoles- PS3 and Xbox 360, writing, arting, napping, smoking, eating, rampaging around, fursuiting, going to the beach, and planting trees/flowers/bushes/lawn.

Interests: Apart from the aforementioned, Native American culture, spandex :3, loincloths (the real deal... not just a flap of fabric), sports wear (in a fetish sense: football, cycling, wrestling, motocross, one piece motorcycle racing leathers, helmets, rubber, gas masks, Roman and Egyptian attire, etc. this list is pretty long :3), cars, swords, bow/arrow, RPGs, food and cooking, DJ/technical lightning, handypup house maintenance and music.
species Coyote
gender male from United States of America
loves Adult, Anal, Anatomically Correct likes 3D, 69, Action tolerates Anime, Arctic Fox, Car Sex hates Bovine, Bull, Cunt Boy
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Latest Journal posted 30 Oct 2013

Alright, so I'm soon to start putting together a picture that takes place in Egypt, c. 41 BCE. I'm thinking of maybe tossing a few slots for YCH. But, I remain unsure if I want to or not. So, I figured that I would toss out an inquiry to see if there is any interest in such a thing.

Please do let me know if there is or if I'm just wasting my time or not.

Egyptian furs, or furs that are okay with Egyptian/Roman/Greek themeing are ideal obviously. Picture will be comparatively clean in nature, save for maybe some obvious suggestiveness of outfits and the like. Ideas, comments, questions are most certainly welcome!

Thanks in advance for your input!


Nighthopper 10 months ago
Its nice to see romantics still in existence. I wish you guys the happiest of times. Your work is wonderful to view, thank you for posting. I'm mated to Wolfenfury on FA, and we got mated in 2008 too actually. Been together for 13 years all together. Good luck to both you.
Thunder Darkstone 10 months ago
Yup! There's a few of us out there. 13 years? Well then... that's a good long time certainly. Very long especially in the fandom.
Ryan~BigLion 1 year ago
sooo...what Fetishes don't you like?
Thunder Darkstone 1 year ago
Oh there are a few certainly, contrary to popular belief. Mostly really strange or very hardcore/ nasty stuff.
Forere 3 years ago
Kinda gettin' sick of FA.
Auctor 4 years ago
puppy poofed :P
Thunder Darkstone 4 years ago
Poofed? Where did I poof to I wonder?
Auctor 4 years ago
ionno, but i'm sure there's bacon there :P
Thunder Darkstone 4 years ago
YAY! bacon!
Auctor 4 years ago
np! i'm a fan of your writing too ^_^
Thunder Darkstone 4 years ago
Thank you! *tail wags* And I saw that you're a wrestler too eh? Very nice indeed :)
Auctor 4 years ago
heh, yep, but it's football players i've got a thing for. somehow, singlets just aren't sexy to me.
KaizoexTategaami 4 years ago
Awww..........*cries on the inside* Well...I understand.
KaizoexTategaami 4 years ago
Awww..........*cries on the inside* Well...I understand.
Thunder Darkstone 4 years ago
We shall see... I need to make sure that I've got enough steam to not only start it, but also end it, and give it plenty of body. I try to bring a heart warming story out of Bond of Brothers in all parts, and keep the storyline fresh without having serious cases of sequel-itis.
KaizoexTategaami 4 years ago
Ugh, well we don't want any unfreshness D:
I'm glad that you're trying your hardest to make it the best you can!
Thunder Darkstone 4 years ago
*nods* I do it with every story... I won't even bother letting anyone read it or post it if I don't have honest intentions of finishing it... I'm actually surprised that there was even a part 2 or part 3 to Bond of Brothers.
KaizoexTategaami 4 years ago
Ah...well then.
Still, it will be a loss for me. but as long as it's your story, you can choose how to write it.
Thunder Darkstone 4 years ago
Well, we shall see... I did kind of leave the 3rd installment on something of a huge cliff hanger. :)
KaizoexTategaami 4 years ago
Uh, yeah! Why do you think I'm pestering you so dang much?! X3
KaizoexTategaami 4 years ago
Thunder Darkstone 4 years ago
A fourth one? Hmmm... I hadn't even contemplated it honestly. I had a few ideas... but I'm not sure if I could get enough to make an entire part four.
Thunder Darkstone 4 years ago
part four is up ;)