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Perverted dominant red anthrodragon.
Made in hungary, vintage 1987 - Aquarius and proud of it!
Hyperactive, friendly, grabby, silly person who is a major geek \ gamer.

I cannot draw for shit, so if you see art on this account, they are either gifts, commishes, or art I got threatening the artists at gunpoint. MWahaha.

I've got a YT Channel!
species Dragon!
gender male
loves 69, Anal, Aroused hates Anal vore, Foot Fetish, Foot Massage
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Latest Journal posted 17 Apr 2014

So it's been trendy, as of late, to take me off friends lists without letting me know why and being dicks and not replying to emails.

The first late instance was a "famous" person who talked with me the night before but was nowhere the next morning. 2 "WTF?" emails later, I have no answer.

That is so deliciously mature, isn't it.

Aaaand then two people I USED to like still show up as there but are never on. And through jiggering the client a bit I found out I'm simply blocked rather than removed.

Again, no reason. Email sent, no explanation given. *slow clap* So wonderful.

I suspect the root of this one simply being the fact that I said to one of them that nekos are not furries.

Disproportionate anger and outrage followed, and talking to one of them has vastly died down as a result.

Because god forbid opinions - that happen to be true - should be voiced. How dare I have thoughts?!

EIther way, poof. Gone. No warning no reason, no excuse *shrug*.

Aaaaand ...


Avon 3 days ago
How have you been? :)
BlackwingDragon 2 days ago
Mostly okay, deerbutt!
How about you?
Avon 2 days ago
Alright. It has been a long time. Glad to see you still about ;)
BlackwingDragon 2 days ago
Yeah, I'm on Steam a lot and on Skype a fair bit *rwar*
Captain Bronson 1 month ago
BlackwingDragon 1 month ago
Bisexual! even better! >=3
Vanguard Dragon 1 month ago
Well, I ended up trying my hand at canines and drew my fursona ^^ Beware that it is a pretty bad drawing.
Vanguard Dragon 1 month ago
Well well well, seems that I found you again. If I remember correctly, I was just getting my paw into the furry community when we met. ^^
Sorez 1 month ago
Nuu, my box virginity~
Draconicinstinct 2 months ago
Thank you sexy!
Sarahvixen 2 months ago
Yes, I am a herm. Glad to know you like it. :P
jamesokonomi 3 months ago
finds awesome stuff here* Oohs and allos :D. *waves a wing at him*
Aeon Araya 3 months ago
<3 Yes, I do love your artwork, and would like to see more. ;) *winks and wiggles his feathered bum cutely*
BlackwingDragon 3 months ago
*Gropes and rubs it* Well well , hehehe! I might be getting one sooooon ^-~.
...soonish. Not sure when XD. Within the next 30 days *mrwar*
Aeon Araya 3 months ago
*snickers, lifting tail up slightly and glances back with a smirk on his face* My my, someone likes getting on early~
Mutt Boi 4 months ago
No problem.