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Bit of a warning. I have an odd sense of humor and some people take it the wrong way for some reason when I made an odd word joke. Don't mean anything wrong by it.

Not a lot to say, I'm an easy-going person that likes to talk and interact with people. Don't be afraid to talk to me if I'm hanging around the chat or if you see me on messenger. I won't bite...too hard at first. Just make sure to identify who you are and where you're from though, been under the siege of some spambots on MSN.

I'm a gryphon, as you can tell, a mix of a red tailed hawk and a cougar. I'm an odd bird and damn proud of it. Tend to be random at times, but that's how I got so many stories on here, I think. Just randomly come up with an idea and write it up. Anyway, that's about all I can think to add for now.

RP Info:

Height: 6'
Build: Medium build
Length: Several lines usually, depends on what I'm given really. What, were you expecting penis length of something? -snickers-

Yeah, I'm goofy most of the time if I am given half a chance, but serious when it gets down to the actual act of RPing.
species Gryphon
gender male from Birmingham, USA
loves Anal, Avian, Deep Penetration likes 69, Anatomically Correct, Anime tolerates Never Seen Sex Act hates Hyperphallic, Strangulation
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Latest Journal posted 03 Aug 2013

Bought a Galaxy Tab 7+ and some accessories last year. Haven't used it in months, and in light of my need for some extra money for bills, decided to sell it.

What I'm Selling

Galaxy Tab 7+, gently used.

Bluetooth Keyboard/case

Silicon case


16gb SD card.

Got it posted up over on eBay

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[Mad]Villan 2 years ago
A Gryphonnnnnn
Mech 2 years ago
Yes it is
[Mad]Villan 2 years ago
Hi. :c
RedWhiteFeather 2 years ago
Hey fellow P:
Mech 2 years ago
kodayu 2 years ago
Thank you very much for putting me on your watchlist, Mr. Mech. I hope you'll keep enjoying what I do.
Rocelin 2 years ago
You had a birthday? Happy belated birthday :D
MrFox 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch!
Puppytoast 2 years ago
Your avs are soo cute! :3
zeminor 3 years ago
thank you for the favs and watch i guyss from your fursona you are eyeing up my avian lady "giggles"
Mech 3 years ago
Me? Oogling some lady, unheard of. -zips his pants back up-
SMWolf 3 years ago
Thank you for the Watch and the Fave!
Mech 3 years ago

Hehe, anyway. You're welcome.
Su-Al 3 years ago
Thanks for the watch. (Holy crap. You have the highest number of watchers I've seen so far on SF).
Mech 3 years ago
No problem, your art looks great. And those watchers come from both here, and from back when it was YiffStar.
Toumal 3 years ago
*winks* ^^
Mech 3 years ago
-gasps- Squawker stalker! -hides in a fort made of pillows and sheets-