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Rank: Master Sgt. 

Code Name: Ralco

Army serieal number: 6690324

Umbella corp. serieal number: arklay 223-14

Official age: 28 True age: 65 I was born in 1948 as a B.O.W. for the US army trained to be a commando leader for the Cold War. Umbrella soon took my contract in 1976. Then trained to be in U.B.C.S. team foxtrot for the Raccoon City outbrake in 1998. I soon took over Umbrella in 2004 and in murged with 213 a year latter. Artist status: Sami-pro

species Demon dragon/Half-vampire hybrid B.O.W. (Biological Organic Weapon)
gender male from Carefree, USA
loves 70s, 80s, Alien likes Avian, Cabin, Cunt Boy tolerates 69, Birth, Clean hates Anal vore, Bear, Drum
653 submissions 3 roleplay characters 382,537 page views 1,255 comments received 1,908 comments posted 46,324 profile views
groups   Dragon Males
  Dragon Females
  Video Games

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