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Well, lets see here.  A biography.  I'm just a opossum, or a catwolf depedning on what or my two main character's I'm playing.  I'm 22, a MtF trans gender.  Meaning that I am a female in a male body and am working on fixing what nature fucked up.  So please use female pronouns with me.  Thank you.

I'm here to show off my [ attempts ] at art and stories.  Mind you, I am more of a photographer, it's atcually what I'm working on becoming a pro at.  I'm more of an animal photographer than anything, I do, at some point want to open up to taking photos of fursuiters and con things, when I get to be able to go to them.  That and look at the things that others have made.  I am an open and pretty firendly person, most of the time.  I can kinda be shy when I first meet someone, but when I warm up to someone I can ramble on about all kinds of things. 

All of the art and writing that you see is just a hobby.  I am a photographer by natuer and trade.  I am working on becoming a pro.  I will at some point add some photos here.  Untill then you can see them at FA.

Also I am an ownerless pet/slave.  And I am looking for a mistriss.

Anything else that I might have missed or forgotten, just feel free to ask me.

Peace, Love and Fluff.


Commissions-OPEN for art, stories are closed. I have a lot of stories of my own that I am behind on.
Trades-FRIENDS or Ill come to you
Gifts/requests-FRIENDS or Ill come to you

If your interested in a commission or anything like that feel free to drop me a note here or send me an email at Rn_wltrs[at]

commission info For digital commissions

Clean Sketch-5$
Flat color-10$
Extra characters 2$ each

I cant promises that it will be really good, but that's why I'm not asking for a lot. I'm will try anything once or more. So feel free to note me about ideas or what ever.

I also do story commissions. $15


Also, if I take a request for you, please note that I'm going to work on it when I have the time, and it can and more than likely be put on the back burner if I get a commission or if I come up with something for a personal project. If you want it done by a certain time, or want to be at the top the list, the get a commission.
Thank you.

1.I have the right to say no to a commission for what ever reason.
2.Payment must be made in full before anything is finished, or anything more than a rough sketch is shown. Payment must be made in full for a story before work is started.
3.I will be happy to give a statues report when ever, but please note that I do have a real life.
4.Payment must be made in full for a story commission.
5.Changes can be made after the art/story is agreed on, but changes made will not be free., some small fee will be applied.
6.If you need it by a dead line please let me know, so that I can work to get it out then, rush fee may be applied.

Thank you.

Also taking donations. :3

payments and donations can be made at silverfrostpaw[at]

Ok, a little about me.....ah hell I don't know. Just some basics

Name- Lilly / Jessica Noel Lilly
Sex- female / trans
ht-6'1'' / same
Breed- common opossum / human

anything eles just ask.

species Common opossumbug
gender female from WONDERLAND, USA
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Latest Journal posted 13 Feb 2014

Ok, so I have two characters, that as of right now, have no long term plans for.  One of my friends and I where talking about it, and we got onto me selling slots in that story line.  So I thought that I would pitch the idea to you all, my readers.

So if you have read any of the Jonestown Tea stories, you know that the place is....well a bad place.  So I got to thinking.  I could do another side story(ies) in the world.  That or you could buy a slot to be in the Karkady line, that's the one with the jackal sisters, the newest one.  

So basically you can buy a ticket to the town, and end up getting your own story, you could be going on vacation with your family or something like that, and fall victim to the curse of the town.  You could end up becoming a bad person, or you could end up becoming the one that something bad happens to you.  The kinks and things like that would be up to you, the characters to.  You wouldn't be running into any of th...

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