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About Yubs
Hi, not many know of me, but I have been around for a long time. I'm a farm horse that has been working hard every since leaving the military. Enjoying my travels, and having seen and met many a creature, I have returned to plow the earth once again.

I am usually pretty easy going and love to sit and chat away with just about anybody about anything, so feel free just to say "Hi."

As for any kind of preferences, well if you can keep up a conversation, that goes a long way for me.So feel free to hop on by, just don't be surprised if I cop a feel when you go by.

Always love chatting on MSN and Yahoo, so if ya send me a request, at least let me know your name from here so I don't think its spam.
species Equine
gender male
loves 69, Anal, Anatomically Correct likes BBW, Badge, Birth tolerates External Fertilization, breeding, femboy
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Yubs 6 months ago
Damn, DSL is so slow I don't know if chat is lagged out or it's just quiet.
Yubs 11 months ago
Ordered new parts for a computer! Can't wait to be surfing on something other than my phone.
Duo Theus 1 year ago
my arnt you a cute one
Yubs 1 year ago
Why thank you!
Duo Theus 1 year ago
Very welcome, if you ever need a butt slap, just ask, since everyone gets at least one
Yubs 1 year ago
What? I have to ask?

May I please have my complementary butt slap? I know I deserve it for something.
Duo Theus 1 year ago
~slaps the males butt~ Everyone gets at least one, unless I like them or they ask for more
Yubs 1 year ago
I'll always ask for more ;)
Duo Theus 1 year ago
No worries mate
Yubs 1 year ago
Gun talk in the chat tonight, fun stuff. :)
Yubs 1 year ago
Just so nobody thinks I'm ignoring them, my chat was screwed up tonight. I'd just sit in the room and see nothing till I closed the browser and reopened it, and then it would work for maybe 5 minutes.
Yubs 1 year ago
Sadly, my time on sofurry has been down lately. I've gotten hooked on a new zombie game and can't stop playing it. Anybody has ARMA II should check out the DayZ mod. Its friggin great.
Yubs 1 year ago
Had a car wreck. Lady wasn't paying attention and was changing lanes when I was at a red light and creamed me from behind, slamming me into the car infront. What a crappy weekend
Yubs 1 year ago
So tired. Have to stop staying up so late.
Yubs 1 year ago
Anima_The Gray Wolf 1 year ago
When we finally get a chance to talk~ :P