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species wolf
gender female
loves Anthro, Balto, Bolt hates Anal vore, Bukkake, Docking
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Latest Journal posted 12 Feb 2014

Like any good relationship, communication is key, and it requires it from both ends. For the past few years, I've started taking commissions at conventions that were take-home commissions. For those to happen, of course I needed to get the customer's contact information. I usually get their FA account, but if they're not active on FA, I ask for an email, or easiest way to contact them. In almost every con since Furfright 2012 I've had at least one person who either gave me the wrong contact info, or just isn't replying to me. Now, I feel bad because I took their money and "ran" but I do my best to keep in contact with my commissioners, and I figure if they choose to not get back to me, then they really didn't care about their commission or their money very much. I always keep them on my notebook list I have on my computer in case a few years goes by and they finally come up to me saying "hey, you owe me a commission from years ago" I can verify to see if I do in fact owe them a commission.

I know it ...

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MrWolf Pajama 4 years ago
I've watched so many artist and seen so many works b4 i came and member. One thing i have learned is sure u can poison ur childhood, but u cant rly hate it if you luv wat it was at first.
So ya, Lone is one of many who has done this. Lone, I've watched from the shadows [guest] for many years on this site to see much be created. I have no regrets unto ever stumbling across your work. You are, In my opinion, one of the most interesting artist's i have ever came across. I thank you for your talented work.
Its hard for me to say what is amazing and isn't, but your art is impressive.
Again, great job in all your work.

I got my eye on you for the year to come [watchlist]

I look forward to more of your work. *wink*
*Disappears like sand in the wind*
darkcanine 4 years ago
It was your family secrets comic that led me to this site because I found a pic on google. I am now a furry for life and I owe it all to you. Thanks Lonewolf
LoneWolf277 4 years ago
same here. I love your stuff lonewolf. when can we possibly expect the anticipated chapter 3?
Bandit_Fosky 4 years ago
same same =)
The Last Hope 4 years ago
cool ur gothick to havent seen that many lately , well any was i love ur work keep it up,oh and despite of what any one says i new u were a chick from the start
Seriman 4 years ago
Awesome work.... I wish I could draw that good... What tools/software do you use to draw your art?
Kiba Kurokage 4 years ago
Hello! I have watched your art for at least six months now and am Finally able to make an account. I adore your work and hope to see many more from you. Good luck in all you do!
Silver Wing12 4 years ago
Never mind i figured it out!! i think?.!
Lonewolf Artz 4 years ago
yup, its digital art. photoshop and whatnot
Silver Wing12 4 years ago
hay lone wolf how do you get youre art work to look so good. im still using colored pencils
Fenris__Wolf 4 years ago
Love the drawing! Thanks Lonewolf
Super-Husky 4 years ago
you know, i've got a question, why do most people assume you're a dude?
Lonewolf Artz 4 years ago
u know, ive been asking myself that for years, and ive just come to the conclusion that most ppl are just retarted
FurryForlife 4 years ago
Just came to that conclusion? Wow, that took awhile I guess.... Other than just throwing that out there... Love your work, and have been a fan of it for several months.
Demon puppy 4 years ago
i know you female i dont think your a dude
dragonkeeper 4 years ago
just got done looking through ur art..love the balto comic and ur work