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species wolf
gender female
loves Anthro, Balto, Bolt hates Anal vore, Bukkake, Docking
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Latest Journal posted 12 Feb 2014

Like any good relationship, communication is key, and it requires it from both ends. For the past few years, I've started taking commissions at conventions that were take-home commissions. For those to happen, of course I needed to get the customer's contact information. I usually get their FA account, but if they're not active on FA, I ask for an email, or easiest way to contact them. In almost every con since Furfright 2012 I've had at least one person who either gave me the wrong contact info, or just isn't replying to me. Now, I feel bad because I took their money and "ran" but I do my best to keep in contact with my commissioners, and I figure if they choose to not get back to me, then they really didn't care about their commission or their money very much. I always keep them on my notebook list I have on my computer in case a few years goes by and they finally come up to me saying "hey, you owe me a commission from years ago" I can verify to see if I do in fact owe them a commission.

I know it ...

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Guardian Wolf 3 years ago
wait your the balto comic maker? bro...Why did you stop!? I love balto keep it up man.
Lonewolf Artz 3 years ago
lol. first, im not a 'bro' or 'man' second, i havent stopped. im just busy with everything. i posted one just last week
SenSen 3 years ago
Your work is awesome keep it up *giggles and winks*
DarkBearmon 3 years ago
yo lone nice art hope ya doin well stay wolfy ~Dark
Mikey Wolf 3 years ago
hi Lone, just a heads up, i might upload some stories over the summer. just giving so info to my plans for the future. if u want to read and comment on my writings it would be appriceated.
Mikey Wolf 4 years ago
hey Lone, are u still continuing with that Balto comic?
Doctor Rocket 4 years ago
You have some nice work.
Mikey Wolf 4 years ago
hey lone, how are u doing? any new art coming up?
Wolfs cry 4 years ago
can I ask you something? where are you from?
Lonewolf Artz 4 years ago
lonewolfsolider 4 years ago
really beautiful pics, love them, really nice work
Kiba0169 4 years ago
your pics are the best *.* I love them :D