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Oh me? Let's see...

I'm a fox... a red fox... with fur. You know how foxes look so I won't go into that. I have black sleeves and black on my ears. I have blond hair and a little blond chest fur, but mostly I am white on my chest and belly. I have a black tip on my long luxurious tail. My tail is super long and super fluffy, but don't pull it or I will bite you! My ears are bigger than normal foxes, but don't call me kite ears or I will get angry at you! I am short, only about 5'7, but I work out so I am not a wuss! Otherwise I am just a normal every day fox. Nothing too special about me really.

My mate is a wolf. Go look at HIS profile!

Hmm... Other than writing stories I also write nonfiction. I am a professional and technical writing major, so I am trying to learn as much as I can about writing and editing. I love writing transformation stories, werewolf stories, romance, action, drama, and lots of other things too! I will try my paws at just about anything so let me know if you want to see something I haven't done before. I am pretty open to suggestions and questions about my stories and short stories so feel free to PM me or leave a shout on my wall!

species Fox
gender male from Around Little Rock AR, USA
loves 80s, Anatomically Correct, Ball Growth likes Exhibitionism, Foot Fetish, Light Bondage tolerates Anal vore, Cuntboy, F/F hates F/Herm, M/F, M/M/F/F
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Latest Journal posted 21 Mar 2014

Very quick journal! I'm going to the Bahamas from the 22 to the 29th! Sorry, but I won't be around much if you know what I mean.

Also, it has been decided that my fursuit will be a Roo-Fox hybrid named Roofus. I am hoping that he turns out great. I am going for more of a tough suit and less of a cute one. So yea, don't say he's cute when I finally get him sometime in June/July.

Anywho, I'll be back soon. Yall have a good spring break now, ya'hear.

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MaxYiffster 1 week ago
Well, it was a short lived YouTube series with an angry Swedish guy and sometimes a stuffed fox would show up and he would look dramatically at it and shout "Mr.Fox!!" It was awesome.
MaxYiffster 1 week ago
Thanks for the loving on my story, also have you every watched Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time?
MrFox 1 week ago
You're welcome, and no. I don't think I have ever heard of that show.
Nex_Canis 2 weeks ago
Hey man, thanks a bunch for faving the latest chapters of My Life is Super!
MrFox 2 weeks ago
You're welcome Nex! It was nice to finally have a chance to sit down and read them. :D
Caelo 4 weeks ago
tnx for the watch
MrFox 4 weeks ago
You're welcome!
Agent Dragos 1 month ago
thanks man
MrFox 1 month ago
No worries Agent!
haro45 3 months ago
Do you have any intentions on ever returning to the Bitten series?
MrFox 1 month ago
Yes. Lol, sorry for the 1 month wait!
haro45 1 month ago
It's cool xD
Darkstar 3 months ago
MrFox 3 months ago
Rawr! O.o
Darkstar 3 months ago
disturbed01 3 months ago
thx for the watch and friend request my good friend ^^
MrFox 3 months ago
Thank you for accepting! And thanks for... everything else! Oh and you're welcome. :D
disturbed01 3 months ago
I'm seriously blushing my friend.... receiving a wonderful compliment from a good friend is a true joy. Thank you and as always have a wonderful day my friend. ^^
MrFox 3 months ago
Aww! Hehe! ^o^
haro45 3 months ago
I hunger for more of the hell hound series.
But I am also really liking your other works.
Keep up the good work :D
MrFox 3 months ago
Thank you! I should have some more chapters up soooon. :D
haro45 3 months ago
Hot Dog!
Toumal 3 months ago
Hello mr fox ^_^
MrFox 3 months ago
Heya Toumal! It occurred to me as I was looking at your profile that I had never watched you or sent you a friend request. I was quick to remedy that situation once I realized that I was in error. I hope you will consider being friends with an ol'foxy writer. :D
Toumal 3 months ago