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And another year, another profile update.

So let's get this party started. Welcome to my little den of horrible smut and other ickiness. I'm a writer of unashamed smut, so expect lots of naughty things. Especially weird, kinky, freaky things. Yup, I'm as twisted and kinky as a garden hose left out all summer long.

Aside from writing snuffie smut and kinky smut and just plain ol' smut, I also do a lot of poking about Role Playing Games. Not good at making or running them, and lack a good group, so expect lots of blathering and little actual subject matter... maybe some day @.@

I'm also addicted to Magic: The Gathering and sundry board and other tabletop games. Yup, I love to game old school. I'll drop a shoutout to magicfurs group on FA even if it seems to have gone on hiatus.

Lovingly mated to silvertail who's a wonderful artist who has to deal with my strange interests =D

Feel free to PM or IM anytime, I'm always chatty.
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Latest Journal posted 24 Mar 2014

Bored and figured I'd throw out a ask me anything as I lazily work on chores and even a touch of writing.  Not much else to say here.

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boronk 2 months ago
Just the kinky and nasty stuff^^
arune 9 months ago
it's all good :) and as for what i'd like to see more of, i guess just more pokemon stuffs. i'm not one for the snuff and vore, but to each his own. just write whatever makes ya happy! ^_^
Koryo 10 months ago
No problem and thanks for asking. I'd love to read more stories with Pokemon, especially if they are as cute as your last one :)
Terracore 10 months ago
How sweet of you to ask! I've always loved breathplay, but I've only recently started, well...seeing it through to the end. So, your stories have only just piqued my interest, and I hope to see more of that, for sure!
IssacUrsaga 11 months ago
Well, lots of fear of course. Neck snaps, decapitations, hangings, or executions are always nice.
Oh! And I'd love to see more small cute creatures being snuffed, like Mice, Rabbits, and squirrels. Especially if (Presuming male victim), they're castrated immediately beforehand, or during.
Inu-Ka 1 year ago
Oh well i'm generally happy with what you make. I just love your descriptiveness with the snuff stories. I love hangings. Don't care much for taurs. My fave stories by you are A Messy Ending and... forget the name of it. Some execution with a dragon. A story based off corpus' 4 image series of the dragon getting executed by a couple horses.

That Puppy snuff was a good one too. Again i'm more into the ways of the noose but that story had such a descriptiveness to it I couldn't help but like that one as well. There are a few more but those 3 are my top faves.

Furx 1 year ago
As if you need to ask :P
Hestral 1 year ago
MLP stories, Big Mac and one of the six friends. That would be a good read, But it's up to you.
Daniel Artaxes 1 year ago
Thanks for asking I would love to see more like "A Hanging Experience" and snuff with mammals Dogs and Horses are my favorites for snuff but pretty much any mammals. Keep up the great work I love your stories!
deathwalker54 1 year ago
Draw whatever comes to your heart