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Latest Journal posted 12 Oct 2010

I spent the weekend at the LV Ren Fair and while I was there I saw 2 other furrys. They were actualy in fur siuts. one was a somewhat realistic cheetah and the other was a more cartoony Hedgehog (I think) Now I can't speak for the rest of the Ren Fair community but I loved it and I hope to see more of them and hopefully others next year. Maby, if I'm lucky, We'll be seeing a furry guild in the next couple of years.


sgtklark 4 months ago
thanks fur the faves
Zen Kitsune 7 months ago
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faulty_pitch 8 months ago
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CodyDreamPuppy 8 months ago
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WhiteGuardian 11 months ago
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Kaj the Liar 1 year ago
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Wolfgunman 1 year ago
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laserslutboy 1 year ago
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