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About SwedishDragon
I'm very rarely active at this site anymore, i'm much more active at FurAffinity.

LOVES: I love it! :p

LIKES: I like it or love it, but not (often) enough for it to fit into the "Loves"-tab.

TOLERATES: Things i like or tolerate, but that i don't really care about very often

HATES: I wont put anything in this tab because i don't want miss out on an otherwise great picture just because there (for example) is a small MLP-character in one of the corners.

WHITE (aka. Not Rated): I either hate those or don't care.


I was born the 21th of August, 1991!


species Western Wingless Dragon (Or something...)
gender male from Järna, Sweden
loves Abuse, Adult, Anal likes 3D, 8-bit, Autofellatio tolerates Ambient, Amy Rose, Anime/manga
5 submissions 10,771 page views 76 comments received 166 comments posted 5,276 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Tentacles on Males
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Latest Journal posted 25 Jan 2013

So... I have my own apartment/PlaceToLive nao and such, but other than that theres not so much new things to say... I feel a bit less depressed most days though, though i still have real "dips" sometimes. ^^

Now i "just" have 1,627 Submissions to go through here, 14k on FA and about 10k on DA... XD

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Jasonafex 2 years ago
Thanks for the whoppin' ratings pally!
DarkWitchPixy 2 years ago
Thanks for the fav!
SwedishDragon 2 years ago
SwedishDragon 2 years ago
Your icon looks depressing. Is everything ok?
SwedishDragon 2 years ago
I feel pretty bad, but i'm not sucicidal for the moment so i'm kinda ok...

Thanks for asking
Neo2 2 years ago
All my beings love you! <3!
SwedishDragon 2 years ago
All of my being loves you too, Master! <3
SwedishDragon 2 years ago
*Weeps loudly*
SuicideFoxy 2 years ago
Thanks for the Rating!
SwedishDragon 2 years ago
-spies on-nice bathroom
I see, as long as its not while i'm not in the bathroom!
Thanks for the watch but Idk what I have to offer to be watch