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About the Artist
I'm Spix, a red panda.
Drawing is a huge part of my life. I constantly look to become a better
artist, and any criticisms you may have are entirely welcomed. I ain't afraid.

My main tools are pencils, multiliner pens, and Copic markers. I am
gradually improving with tablets and digital art as well.
I suck at drawing comics, but I keep trying anyways.

The furry conventions I frequent are now FurFright and FAU.
If you ever see me at a convention, say hi! I love chatting with other furs;
meeting you guys in real life is what makes conventions fun :D

Married to tobiasfox on July 20th, 2012.

species Red Panda
from USA
409 submissions 492,438 page views 3,048 comments received 560 comments posted 46,547 profile views
groups   Almost Nude

Latest Journal posted 17 Apr 2014

I wanted to make a resource for my watchers so you all know just what I do where. I post across a variety of galleries, each one a little bit different, not to mention other sites like Twitter and Tumblr. So, hopefully this will be useful to you all. If you can think of any I missed, or think there are some sites I could stand to try out, leave a comment!

Art Galleries
•Weasyl : What I consider to be my 'professional' gallery. I maintain the look of this gallery and its organization the most frequently, as well as participate in the community more actively (free art, forums, Trading Post, collabs and art trades, etc., are all more likely to happen here.)
•FurAffinity : My home base. This gallery (both the PG and 18+ accounts) get most of the scraps and doodles I make along with the main art I do. I do not post journals often on this site.
•InkBunny : All my art, my scraps, and any cub material go here. It can be considered my most complete gallery, because of this.

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carlos_penguin 5 months ago
Weren't you on my friend list already? ???
White Whiskers 5 months ago
OMG! I love your stuff! <3
Kittypony 1 year ago
Such cute stuff! And an adorable red panders. Do like.
Joshua Darkfang 1 year ago
Love the twincest comic.
Genwyn 1 year ago
True. This site is pretty amazing compared to FA. Of course, most sites created after 1999 are better than FA. :3
Genwyn 1 year ago
The one problem with bulk upload :(
Soulyinthesnow 1 year ago
I love your twincest comic, people complain about it being slow, but I see it as you spending time on perfecting it.
ShuRugal 1 year ago
drulkar's scales, someone's been busy
Io 1 year ago
Hey! *Pounces, Hugs & Licks* I hope you're doing fine & in good health wishing you & yours the happiness of Xmas & all the best of this coming New Year!
wingrider 1 year ago
i love your art style your drawings and comics are great