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Anarchei noun One with no ruler.

I am an individualist. I accept that the collective does not exist. I am an atheist, I accept that gods cannot logically exist in reality. I am a voluntaryist. I accept the immorality of violence orderless social organisation. I am a vegetarian. I accept that killing animals is not in line with the non-aggression principle. I am also a fairly decent writer, photographer, web designer, and probably more . . .

species Draenei
gender male
loves Alien, Anal, Anthro likes Anatomically Correct, Anime, Aqua Sex tolerates Anal vore, Bad Language, Death hates Abuse, Authority, Bondage
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Latest Journal posted 23 Mar 2014

It has been a few months since I announced that I was working on a new story. Since then I have written about 8,000 words, bringing the total to 16,300 out of the 70,000 I hope to write, although I am thinking it might end up been more than that. I really should pick up the pace on the writing though, otherwise this thing won't be finished before the next Mass Effect game is released.

As for details on the plot, as I indicated in my previous journal on the subject, this story will follow a male paragon Shepard using the control ending as the basis. Since I played as a strict paragon in the game, you should know the backstory I'm using and most of the characters that will be present. I'll fill you in on the one's you probably aren't sure about: Kaidan survived Virmire, all the squad and crew of the Normandy survived the suicide mission at the Collector base, Kasumi and Javik were recruited, but Zaeed wasn't.

And if it wasn't obvious, the Shepard in this story is gay and there will be romance, ho...

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