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Latest Journal posted 02 Nov 2012

I am just simply bored of this site here, so I decided to leave it.

All my art is gone now on this site.

I left SoFurry because it's terribly boring here, almost no response or interacting between me and other furs, extremely lagging pages and slow loading processes and very less feedback to my at that I upload here. So why should I stay if I get like two or three comments and very less views onto my art? I see no reason why I should.


SoFurry was better when it was Yiffstar long ago to be honest. After SoFurry 1 and 2 it just got lagging, boring and just out of fun.


Even the personal site banner option is away now, instead we keep seeing boring oversized bannes of this site.


For all those who still like(d) my art, visite me on DeviantArt, that site is way more serious than this boring site here.

You also find my art on FurAffinity, the best furry site ever.

And dont come with words like "there's just drama and blah", the drama i...


Mark Wilds 2 years ago
really its np at all :) i do love ur work
Reileo 2 years ago
They are beefy alright! I agree with all the tags on your works;
Just to name a few. X3 I'm sorry to cut our conversation short, but I must be going. I'd love to continue admiring you though! Send me a PM sometime? I'm Rei. ^.=.^
Reileo 2 years ago
I'm POSITIVE I will love your future art! ^.=.^ The way you draw muscles on those canines is...mhmm. <3
Reileo 2 years ago
I am a big fan of muscles, and your work is VERY good! You draw veins and muscles so perfectly, it looks like I could reach out and touch them... ^.=.^
DrAgOnOfFoReSt 2 years ago
I like your style and your personality. Watching ya! ;)
Ma An Tiao 2 years ago
I think ur art could be bodybuilders... I hope that's ok (~_^)
CrystalusLupus 2 years ago
Hello, I can't say that I am a fan of Muscle art, but your work is absolutely amazing! Please keep up the great work :D
zoharwolf 3 years ago
you like gay?
Gabriel AngelFox 4 years ago
I love your art^^
RazorFang 4 years ago
Np haha, I use them for models when im writing, because it makes it easier. :)