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Just an artist an a musician living in Maine. I'm a 22 year old feline and I'm very friendly, so your welcome to come talk to me about anything. I play guitar and bass guitar as well as electronica. Contact me about commissions, Its fairly cheap :D species Feline
gender female
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Latest Journal posted 06 Oct 2009
If your bored right now, come and chat with me (or each other) and watch me draw my art.

Password: Nyoko


Silvador 4 years ago
Magnificent artwork, truly magnificent.
Happy to see you dropped the watermarks, it's sad to see them on such beautiful work.
As someone who hopes to be as good at drawing as you, any chance you could pass on some advice? hints and tips?
Kirek 4 years ago
So, have any favorite metal bands?
Nyoko 4 years ago
yeah a few. In flames, Lamb of God, Slipknot, As I lay dying, Heaven shall burn, etc... so many!!!
Kirek 4 years ago
You are quite an incredible artist. I don't assume you take requests...

Sekushi 5 years ago
You need to get on Yim like as soon as you can girl. <3
Sekushi 5 years ago
OMG where have you been!
CuriousFox 5 years ago
I love your art so much! Please keep doing what you're doing.
Cobra Reaper 5 years ago
Your Fursona is very sexy. Do you care if I draw her, I think I can give her a new look. Im just waiting for that green light.
Ki the TabbyKitten 5 years ago
*spam back*
Sekushi 5 years ago
Lesbian, Snow Leopard, you know what I like. ^^ It's not up but I'm betting I'll love it.
Nyoko 5 years ago
*blushblush* lol...well now I do know. XD
Sekushi 5 years ago
:D Yup I guess so. ^^
Cobra Reaper 5 years ago
id like to see it to. oh i seen ur pic of u on furaffinity and let me tell u that ur very beautiful!!! and ur art work is very good!!! Love how well u drew Yuna from ffx2, looks just like her. and 1 more thing your come here pic is very hot!!!
Sekushi 5 years ago
Boo. o.o. Sup Maine girl with the cool eyes? ^-^