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i can write stuff about me??....NEAT-O!

{waves} Hi there everyone who's actually taking time to read this little blurb about me. Where to start?...umm...well i supose all the description stuff is on the above website, so i can't really do much more on that.

But as for my writing style, now that i can talk about. To say this bluntly, i LOVE my details, which might explain why my chapters seemt to be so long; but trust me, they were alot longer before i went back and did some editing of my own on them. I happen to be a big fan of romance rather then just rageing sex....I adore stories about love between two comitted characters and that we as the audience actually get to know them. rather then about the other four lettle L-word, Lust. this catagory usually the sorce of my biggest pet-peve as a reader/writer, as i call it, the face-less yiff. You know the kind, where you start the story, and before the main character is even described, he's up against the wall yiffing someone's brains out, and then just as soon as it started, it's over. I mean i wouldn't mind if it was about lust i guess, but those stories sometimes have a tendency to not really describe a story about a segmant in someone's life, as just focus on the bedroom and what happens outside of that doesn't matter. that my rant is over, i feel a bit better and what not. So up there it says to talk about commission info...and it never really occured to me till now to even think about it. I guess not being an artist, i'm sure a lot less people would actually pay me to write something about thier characters. But if someone really wants me to write a story about them, i suspose that depending on what they want, the details and payment can be sorted out later. though at the moment i'm currently under a slew of ideas flowing forth from my own over-active depending when you contact me, it could be a while.

Speaking of my current work, As most of you know, i'm in the middle of my first series. And i apologise for it being so long since i actually added to it, some personal issues made themselves known, and it's been a rather draining (not in the good way) ordel that's left me bland to writing. But i'm hoping that once i get over my editing hump, the new chapter will be up and ready for everyone's approval.

I suppose tha this will be updated as things happen in my life, like a journal or something, but at the moment i think i've finally run out of things to say. If you ever feel like contacting me, you can either reach me here by message, on email at or on MSN at the previous address.

A big thanks out to everyone who has suppported me over my time as a writer and who keeps me coming back for more excitement, i hope that my stories continue to excite both your imagenation and your...err...desires, hehe!

Sincerly your writing wolf,
Cyan Spirt
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Latest Journal posted 14 Jul 2013

....By putting up a dating profile on Pounced. Honestly, I'm not really sure what I expect will come from it. In fact, I don't even think I filled it out correctly for the...err...clientele that tends to visit that site. Still, with a little (ok, a lot) of prodding from my BFAM (Brother From Another Mother) I finally got around to giving it a go. It's been on for just over 24 hours now and I've gotten 3 different people messaging me. It's been all small-talk right now, but at least it's a promising start, though none of them live even remotely close to me and I'm SUPER hesitant to get in to another long-distance relationship.....for obvious reasons. That being said, I liked them to my writing I thought it only fair to link you guys to my dating site because....well...why the fuck not? any suggestions would be welcome as i try to tailor my d to this clientele. 

So for those brave, curious fools out there, here ya go:

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Horses of War
by Cyan Spirt    7 years ago    


Chelsea Kish'Ta 1 year ago
Your welcome! The story that I read was your "Wrong Bride, Right Groom" series. I think than it was/is excellent!
Cyan Spirt 1 year ago
Thank you for replying. I'm glad you thought it was that good. Did you read the entire series?
Chelsea Kish'Ta 1 year ago
Your welcome for the reply, and yes I did read the entire series.
Cyan Spirt 1 year ago
That is quite a lot of reading. I salute you. Any thoughts on it so far?
Chelsea Kish'Ta 1 year ago
The only thought that I have is that your series is excellent, well planned and well written.
Gruffy 1 year ago
Thanks for the watch! :P
Cyan Spirt 1 year ago
Thanks for the story, I was actually in the middle of commenting too. haha
Gruffy 1 year ago
Hahah, go on! :P
Cyan Spirt 1 year ago
finally finished the comment last night
Gruffy 1 year ago
Yeah, I noticed! I shall answer it when I get around oding my rounds tomorrow, I think :P
yalen 2 years ago
of course! i remember you from the get go back when yiffstar was still around, then i left for a few years. when the switchover happened none of my favs and watches rolled over so im tryin to rebuild... glad this series progressed so much in my absence!
Cyan Spirt 2 years ago
I'm incredably flattered that you remembered me and my work after such a long time away. I do hope yo find my continuation of the series to your liking.
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago
Whoops read your story way back and thought i was already watching you. Well now it's official anyway :3
Cyan Spirt 2 years ago
Glad to see you made it official, and you liked my stuff enough to remember.
ElementalFour56 2 years ago
I epically love your avatar ^ ^
Cyan Spirt 2 years ago
I'm pretty fond if it myself. Though that's not to sa I haven't been looking for another; preferably one of my other fursona.
NewFur 2 years ago
You are very welcome. You story is so amazing! Every time I hear Bullet for my Valentine's "Your Betrayal" I think of your amazing story. I really hope you are doing well and get a chance to finish this one. if not, it is still an amazing read as it is.
Cyan Spirt 2 years ago
Wow, I had no idea my work left such an impression on people. And while I'm in the process of writing a quick journal entry, you'll be happy to know that by the end of this weekend, at least 1, potentially 2, new chapters will be up!
Bete Noire 3 years ago
hey ese, (that's a spanish word), when u gonna come back? I really love your stories, primary reason why i keep coming back to this site.
Cyan Spirt 2 years ago
Don't worry, depending on how much I get done this week, we're looking at possibly 2 new chapters. Let's cross our fingers!
Solarian 4 years ago
You're writing owns everything xD
Good work.
Cyan Spirt 4 years ago
Oh you've gone and done it, you flattered me. (Turns bright red). You're far too kind.
husger 3 years ago
lols at the black and red wolf makes you look good:P
Silver Canine 5 years ago
Sorry I'm kind of bored... xD
Have fun, bye!!
*hugs and kisses*
Pyro Mac 6 years ago
Mac Misses You! *wants a hug*
Cyan Spirt 6 years ago
I'm sorry Mac....I don't think I can anymore