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Playful Red Dragon looking at good art, drawing myself & looking for new friends.

A Furry for years already, but a dragon self entire life after remembering my past.

Website Drayo the Drax

species Drax
gender male from Czech
loves Albino, Alligator, Anatomically Correct likes Athlete, Character Development, Clean tolerates Badger, Bear, Bisexual hates Bee, Female, Human
421 submissions 122,429 page views 287 comments received 51 comments posted 19,138 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
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Latest Journal posted 20 Apr 2011

My website at furtopia is down (furtopia is closing hostings), searching for a new host, but probably it will stay like this now.


Surasshu 2 years ago
No problem :D
Spyrox33 2 years ago
your welcome for the watch.
Sir Magus 2 years ago
Thanks for the Favs.
Bara-Diction 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch^^ *hugs*
omegalupus 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch!
Sir Magus 3 years ago
Thanks for the Favs.
Muskie 3 years ago
Hey, drayo, any chance I could color something of yours? You do some nice dinos, indeed.. :P
Drayo 3 years ago
Sure, all my lines are freely usable for coloring. some are not at their full size submitted though.
Muskie 3 years ago
Awesome. Pick one you'd like done and email it to me! I'll make it all shiny and awesome for ya :P
Sir Magus 3 years ago
You are welcome dear sir
Thundagger 3 years ago
heya, thanks for the watch!!
Master Draco 4 years ago
Oh... You focus your eyes on me? Thank you.

Your art is very good!) I like the Extreme Dinosaurs pictures. There are not many of them. HOT!