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Latest Journal posted 26 Mar 2014

Hey you! :P 

Zwoosh is doing YCH stories at a really low price! You could even hang out with me :D you just gotta sign up for the slot in that setting.

Hey give it a look and see if you'd like it.

Find it here:

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Zwoosh-K9 4 weeks ago
How was I not watching you? oAo;
yerkelayh 4 weeks ago
Frost Byte 1 month ago
Thanks for checking out my stories and for the watch!! :D
furlosopher 1 month ago
sorry about the long response time, gotta remember to check here more often XD. As for your question, eventually, just gotta get around to writing more than drawing. Thanks for your interest though, it's motivating ^3^
Shinny Q 2 months ago
yerkelayh 2 months ago
D: How ya doing?
kazuflame 3 months ago
Your fursona really hot
Meical 3 months ago
Thanks for the vote.
Chapu 4 months ago

Iscin 4 months ago
You gotta grope him lower down than that to get a response.
Chapu 4 months ago
I'll keep that in mind XD
Oside 5 months ago
Hey thanks for watching me Orca!
yerkelayh 5 months ago
Looking forward to more.
BobbyTigre 7 months ago
thanks for da watch!
yerkelayh 7 months ago
You are certainly welcome :D
Zwoosh-K9 7 months ago
Thanks for the votes on 'The Thick Twins' and 'Play Time'! I'm glad you were able to let off some steam to them ;3