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Rags 2 months ago
Your profile references are not the same character.

Dat consistency.
RavenStar18 2 months ago
Hi! Wanna rp?
Rex VanRavenClaw 1 year ago
Hope we can be good friends ^_^
Chaynne Phisher 1 year ago
Cutie hossie! :3
BlackwingDragon 1 year ago
Truly ;-d
RoughHusky 2 years ago
Great to see another zoophile - and a sexy one at that
Duncan Squall 2 years ago
Hey there yourself sweet thang, what's your sexy ass up to?
Metalhound91 2 years ago
Hey there sexy, nice pics. ^^
Dark-Blade 2 years ago
Hello Shaenti, how are you? I see your Friends with Rasha. I hope we can be Friends. I can't PM though, there must be a Bug, I am Lucky to Only Comment.
Why hello my dear. It has been to long.