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Hello, I'm Gruffy, and a longtime friend of the anthropomorphic/furry community!

I've been writing furry stories since the days of Yiffstar, or from around early 2009. I am a fun-loving Finnish tiger, incidentally, even if our national emblem has the lion on it. Those damn Swedes got the tiger first! Heh.

I have written 500 posted stories in the past 3 years, and I tend to be quite prolific, so watching me is probably the best option to keep up to date with my latest output!

While I often write naughty stories because people like them and they are fun, my main focus is on character development, drama, and fun. Writing furry stories is a great skill exercise for me, and I am my own harshest critic, I suspect. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy feedback - I simply adore it, and everyone who comments on my stories is a marvel! Don't hesitate to hit me up with a PM if you have anything to ask about my stories. As for the person behind them...we'll see.

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Cheers! <-- my signature exclamation!

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Latest Journal posted 15 Apr 2014

My recent journal featured a rather bizarre music video of a one hit wonder of epic 80's proportions...but a later wikipedia spree and a spelunking through the YouTube has uncovered other fantastic examples of some...very strangely employed talent. So, do enjoy these supremely strange examples...and most of this is from TV, so someone actually had to phone him and ask him to show up.

Fred Astaire might not be amused by this.


1920's was never this...something.


Let's piss off the ghost of Edith Piaf, too, shall we? Plus, there is the scary fact that this is a fan video. It'd be only funnier if it was anime.


And if you think he's run out of steam yet...he's still doing the same thing...though now in Russian TV. T_T


Thank you Indonesia, The Netherlands, and of course, Germany, for gi...

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Serov 1 day ago
any update on your "Choose Your Own Story"?
Gruffy 16 hours ago
Yep :P
DanteLUPINE 6 days ago
Do you think you'll continue the story with the straight-to-gay tiger?
Gruffy 6 days ago
Which one is that? Just a Chore or Gym Showers? ^^
DanteLUPINE 6 days ago
A Bad Case of the Gays.
Gruffy 6 days ago
Oh, sure, that one too :)
DanteLUPINE 6 days ago
Oh, well, I'm excited.
master1988 1 week ago
Yes a lot
Gruffy 1 week ago
I actually have a lot more chapters planned for that one. I should write one soon! :P
master1988 1 week ago
You should do more blue paw memories
Gruffy 1 week ago
Oh? Missing Jimmy's porn antics? :P
Onomatopoeia 1 week ago
I hope you don't mind my bothering you about this all the time, Gruffs, but I once more require your aid.

I need the words in yon language of the Fins for: Fool/fools and...means like shit that foolish fools believe in. Poppycock. Hogwash.
Gruffy 1 week ago

Heeheh...well let's see...

idiootti - idiot
poljä - fool, idiot, stupid person
hullu - mad/crazy
seko - mad/crazy
kaheli - mad/crazy
tyhmä - stupid
vajaa-älyinen - retarded

And stuff stupid people believe in...

humpuuki - stupid things/nonsense
roskaa - trash
palturi - lies, nonsense
pelkkää palturia - mere nonsense
valetta - lies

...is this helpful?
Onomatopoeia 1 week ago
Very helpful as always. That much closer to finnishing (see what I did there? ;P) my next story.
Gruffy 1 week ago
Now I am utterly curious! Do remember the poke me about it when you do!
Onomatopoeia 1 week ago
As per your request, I hereby poke you. The story that I was working on is up.

Gruffy 1 week ago
Uuuuh! I'll check it out! :P
drakar2835 1 week ago
RalvrWuff 2 weeks ago
XD Seems that your muse is still on vacation. I'm sure there will be lots of new and fun ideas once it comes back. I hope your weekend was a good one, and this week is even better Gruffy. :3
Gruffy 2 weeks ago
I hope he'll be back soon :) *smiles* It's getting there.
MizzuKat 2 weeks ago
Is there going to be new HH chapters this week?
Gruffy 2 weeks ago
I hope there will be. *smiles* I'llreport as soon as there's news.
Onomatopoeia 2 weeks ago
Oh most Finnish of tigers named Gruffy, I come seeking translation if you wouldn't mind. :)

I require to know how to say in yon language of the Fins: "I love you." also helpful would be "My love."
Gruffy 2 weeks ago
*chuckle* sure!

"Rakastan sinua" <- I love you
"Minä rakastan sinua" <- I love you (more formal)
"Pidän sinusta" <- I like you
"Tykkään sinusta" <- I like you

Note, these are very major things to say, Finns don't say them easily :P

for my love...hmm...

"Rakkaani" <- my love
"Kultaseni" <- my darling
"Rakas" <- my lovely/my love/sweetheart

Does this help? :P
Onomatopoeia 2 weeks ago
Much help as always, Gruffs. :)
Gruffy 2 weeks ago
I am curious now, but glad I could help! :)
Onomatopoeia 2 weeks ago
I have it on good authority that curiosity killed the cat, and tigers are very big cats.. ;)
Gruffy 2 weeks ago
John Wulf 2 weeks ago
Hey I found something for the Why!!! 2014 if you haven't done it before http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=G_YEHIEpPTc