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Hello, I'm Gruffy, and a longtime friend of the anthropomorphic/furry community!

I've been writing furry stories since the days of Yiffstar, or from around early 2009. I am a fun-loving Finnish tiger, incidentally, even if our national emblem has the lion on it. Those damn Swedes got the tiger first! Heh.

I have written 500 posted stories in the past 3 years, and I tend to be quite prolific, so watching me is probably the best option to keep up to date with my latest output!

While I often write naughty stories because people like them and they are fun, my main focus is on character development, drama, and fun. Writing furry stories is a great skill exercise for me, and I am my own harshest critic, I suspect. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy feedback - I simply adore it, and everyone who comments on my stories is a marvel! Don't hesitate to hit me up with a PM if you have anything to ask about my stories. As for the person behind them...we'll see.

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Cheers! <-- my signature exclamation!

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Latest Journal posted 18 Apr 2014

Oh yes, the Eurovision Song Contest will be held next month, and all the songs have been selected now...and seems that at least one of them has a rather interesting music video made for it.


I was so worried how this would turn out, but I was glad that it wasn't a serious effort.

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John Wulf 2 weeks ago
Hey I found something for the Why!!! 2014 if you haven't done it before http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=G_YEHIEpPTc
Ezer Rojas 2 weeks ago
Oh! I just remembered something. Could you tell me your update schedule for HH? I wanna be informed on the party ASAP.
Gruffy 2 weeks ago
when I'm posting I usually post on Mondays and Fridays at 4 pm GMT ^^
Ezer Rojas 2 weeks ago
Aw, that's just perfect. I get home around about 3:30. France RULES!
Gruffy 2 weeks ago
Heheh, how useful! :P
Ezer Rojas 2 weeks ago
Mmm, although, I am moving to Bulgaria mid-April. I do not know if the times are slighty different because of the difference. But it would only be a few minutes. :)
Gruffy 2 weeks ago
I suppose you're probably on the same time zone as Finland then. *chuckle*
Williad 3 weeks ago
I seriously love HH, and this season is the best yet! You're definitely on my list of favorite authors!
Gruffy 3 weeks ago
Aww, hi there! Very nice to hear from you too! I'm glad you've enjoyed this season, I think it's great that I can do so many things with the story by now, it's really going into some good places. *smiles' Thanks for popping by!
Oloroso Rhone 4 weeks ago
Gruffy 4 weeks ago
DarkDestinySoul 4 weeks ago
Thanks for the vote!
Gruffy 4 weeks ago
My pleasure! :)
Ezer Rojas 1 month ago
I can't believe I've missed out on HH for over 2 years. I'm only on season 2. :(
Gruffy 1 month ago
Awww, at least it means you have four whole seasons and over 30 chapters of ongoing season 5 to read at your leisure! *chuckle*

How do you like it so far? :P
Ezer Rojas 1 month ago
It's great, I've just seen Haakon and Mason in the bar with Jessica. (Punch Drunk) I literally just read Haakon shout "Mason!"
Gruffy 1 month ago
Ohhhhhhh yeah....^^ It's season 2 where things get really interesting.
Ezer Rojas 4 weeks ago
I've just moved onto to season 5 of HH. And I'm moving back to Bulgaria at the weekend. Lots of reading to be done.
Kaily 1 month ago
Damn it how am I supposed to catch up with all your writing when you never stop? LOL
Gruffy 1 month ago
Sorry T_T
NATO Wolf 1 month ago
I think you'll find this funny.
Gruffy 1 month ago
Is this missing a link? ^^
drakar2835 1 month ago
This is not a why but I think you might like to watch what these guys are doing. P.S. watch the other video that they've done. :-)