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Hello, I'm Gruffy, and a longtime friend of the anthropomorphic/furry community!

I've been writing furry stories since the days of Yiffstar, or from around early 2009. I am a fun-loving Finnish tiger, incidentally, even if our national emblem has the lion on it. Those damn Swedes got the tiger first! Heh.

I have written 500 posted stories in the past 3 years, and I tend to be quite prolific, so watching me is probably the best option to keep up to date with my latest output!

While I often write naughty stories because people like them and they are fun, my main focus is on character development, drama, and fun. Writing furry stories is a great skill exercise for me, and I am my own harshest critic, I suspect. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy feedback - I simply adore it, and everyone who comments on my stories is a marvel! Don't hesitate to hit me up with a PM if you have anything to ask about my stories. As for the person behind them...we'll see.

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Cheers! <-- my signature exclamation!

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Latest Journal posted 23 Apr 2014

Allegedly these trunked fellahs got high on bad fruit and then amused tourists by staggering around drunk.

It's like giving the cardboard cone from a toilet paper roll to a dog and seeing what happens.

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Zipeau 3 months ago
Thankyou for watching!
Gruffy 3 months ago
Heh, my pleasure! :P
Baikal 3 months ago

...I feel kinda silly, because you have already more than shown your appreciation of my little gift, but I still wanted to thank your for commenting on it and for faving and voting, of course!

Heh, and also for shamelessly promoting it, twice even! ^^
Gruffy 3 months ago
Awww, Schmetterling, of course it deserved all the icon_inlove.gif I can place upon it, and there is a lot, for sure! *smiles*

Including the promotions! icon_inlove.gif
Baikal 3 months ago
Just wanted you to know. =)
Gruffy 3 months ago
That is very sweet of you :)
Onomatopoeia 3 months ago
By the by, Gruffs. Are you aware of the existence of the webcomic known as Scandinavia and the World?


It may be thought to be quite droll. :)
Gruffy 3 months ago
Hahah, yes, people like teasing me with that site, it's pretty awesome! :)
weredragon98 3 months ago
You are welcome I really like m/m stuff
Gruffy 3 months ago
Heheh, you've come to the right place then :P
Onomatopoeia 3 months ago
So how was your holiday, Gruffmeister? Get anything good from Santa Tiger? Or were you naughty this year and got naught but a lump of coal? ;)
Gruffy 3 months ago
Heheh, hey there! I got some rather good stuff, yes, and good tidings :P
Sotoa 3 months ago
Hey, Gruffy! I hope you have a nice Christmas! ^^
Gruffy 3 months ago
Awww, thanks, you too!
drakar2835 3 months ago
I will steal 2 second from your life so that I can tell you Merry Christmas. icon_razz.gif
Gruffy 3 months ago
Thanks, dude :P Bon Noel :P
drakar2835 3 months ago
That would be "Joyeux Noël" icon_razz.gif
Gruffy 3 months ago
Sveargeith 3 months ago
What is the difference between the two?
drakar2835 3 months ago
Well the first one would translate to good Christmas. LOL
GoldenEmotions 3 months ago
Hey there,
Just randomly coming across this page, but let me wish you a merry Christmas and a great time those last days of the year. :)
Gruffy 3 months ago
Heheh, thanks, Merry Christmas to you too! :)
DanteLUPINE 4 months ago
Gruffy 4 months ago
I'll check it out :)
Kainzorus Prime 4 months ago
Here's something for your next Why - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IslF_EyhMzg
Gruffy 4 months ago
You know, I've heard this song before but I can't believe I haven't covered it on the journal yet...*chuckle' it's such a perfect fit...thanks for reminding me of it again :P icon_biggrin.gif