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Hello, I'm Gruffy, and a longtime friend of the anthropomorphic/furry community!

I've been writing furry stories since the days of Yiffstar, or from around early 2009. I am a fun-loving Finnish tiger, incidentally, even if our national emblem has the lion on it. Those damn Swedes got the tiger first! Heh.

I have written 500 posted stories in the past 3 years, and I tend to be quite prolific, so watching me is probably the best option to keep up to date with my latest output!

While I often write naughty stories because people like them and they are fun, my main focus is on character development, drama, and fun. Writing furry stories is a great skill exercise for me, and I am my own harshest critic, I suspect. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy feedback - I simply adore it, and everyone who comments on my stories is a marvel! Don't hesitate to hit me up with a PM if you have anything to ask about my stories. As for the person behind them...we'll see.

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Cheers! <-- my signature exclamation!

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Latest Journal posted 24 Apr 2014


Well, I usually make fun of the 1980's here, but this time it's time to go up a notch a bit and...


up yours, Gary Barlow!

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seasramon 4 months ago

Christmas song that is enjoyable!
Gruffy 4 months ago
Hahah, Cogfox linked that to me, it's so great :P
Sean Owen Sinclair 4 months ago
Today's HH is going to be a gruff hanger >.<.
Gruffy 4 months ago
How'd you know? :P
Sean Owen Sinclair 4 months ago
Because some tigers just want to watch the world burn DX. Or fan to freak out XD.

As long as there no

"Mr Galease we appear to have some bad news...


Oh what could it be heheh. Well hope you all enjoyed remember to tune in when HH resumes in January."

We'll all won't be wishing our Christmases away X3.

Still bet its going to be great!
Gruffy 4 months ago
I don't want to set the world on fire... *sings*
Sean Owen Sinclair 4 months ago
Awww ^__^.

Enjoy your HH hiatus Gruffy :3. Keep an eye out for your other updates though. Great to know ideas for season six are coming already. Wonder who'll play Rory on the Broadway show.

Hockey Hunk the musical?
Hockey Hunk on ice?

I mean there are songs sectioned and ice skating scenes so it may work X3.
Gruffy 4 months ago

Hahahah :P You're getting weird and funny ideas :P
Sean Owen Sinclair 4 months ago
Weird is right >.<.

It just popped in my head while reading the intro to the last HH chapter. Like it was a play production or something X3.
Gruffy 4 months ago
Tehe, nice :P
Leopold 4 months ago
Gruffy 4 months ago
Well hello there! :)
Leopold 4 months ago
sup wit ya kitty cat?
Gruffy 4 months ago
Bedtime :P
DanteLUPINE 4 months ago
Gruffy 4 months ago
Hush, keep your voice down - we celebrate it with about as much frivolity as a funeral. *chuckle*
drakar2835 4 months ago
I was just testing if it was possible to make sub folder more deep then the story folder. I guess not... I have now erase that entry.
Did not know you were watching me. :-)
I'll probably start to put a story in a little while but I'm still not sure the way it should go. I've got part of it down but I still don't know if I want to have sex scene in there or not.
Gruffy 4 months ago
Awesome! :P
Gruffy 4 months ago
Now ain't that a pretty face :P
Sveargeith 4 months ago
indeed :P
Gruffy 4 months ago
Scyrex 4 months ago
Hehe I'm sure that i will ^^
VengfulAngel 4 months ago
Just notice gruffy your almost always online o,o
Gruffy 4 months ago
Hahah, even I do sleep soemtimes :P
Oloroso Rhone 4 months ago
I told Vir I needed to know how to threaten you with bodily harm in your native tongue. He told me to say "Mä haluan halata sua ja tanssia sun kanssa kukkakedoilla."

Something tells me I shouldn't trust him.
Gruffy 4 months ago
Yes... "I want to hug you and dance with you on a bed of flowers"

Oloroso Rhone 4 months ago
I asked for threatening you with a knife! Whatever. I'm watching Buffy with Finnish subs. It'll eventually give me something threatening to say...
Gruffy 4 months ago

I commend you for the effort :)
Sean Owen Sinclair 4 months ago
Yay HH a update day X3.
Gruffy 4 months ago
Indeed! :P Might be a tiny bit later today than usually but it'll be on today :)
Sean Owen Sinclair 4 months ago
Woo hoo ^__^. Wonder who we're following today, guessing Cobb or Tate.
Gruffy 4 months ago
Well, you know now :P
Sean Owen Sinclair 4 months ago
Yep X3.