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I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes
Hi,I'm Shotien,From asia someplace.My English is not so if you find I didn't reply you,Because:1.I can't read. 2.I don't know how to reply you.....Sorry again,I shouldn't runout the English class when I'm in the school......

Now because work,I'm closed request.If I got vacantion or something,I'll open request and let everyone know.

I'm not porn artist but I'm practice if you think you're looking this pose before,please never mine ;)
All my art is free and welcome you take to home.

My main account is in Pixiv.

Thank you take time to read this.....thing,I hope you can understand this thing and have good time when you visit my gallery.
species Squirrel
gender male
loves Adult, Asian, Gatomon likes 80s, Acid Jazz, Anime tolerates Death, Evil, Vampire Wolf hates Cybersex, Slug, Vampire
90 submissions 40,420 page views 214 comments received 29 comments posted 6,496 profile views
groups   Pokémon/Pokémorphs

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Latest Journal posted 31 Oct 2010

Well,I am not angry you post my art on there...I has say my art is free for take home.

It just something make me feel bad.


Just 2 hours ago,my Japanese friend tell me,someone put my art on WC;and I get to check out......

OK,My English is not so good,but I think......


You don't like it,just say "I don't like it" I don't mine it.

Or,You can tell me how to do can make it look cool;
I'm a saleman,not a pro artist.I make pics for fun,not for money.

My Japanese friend is so angry because they call my work is "SHIT".
It may look nothing at America,but in Asia,your mane will on other artist blocklist soon.

We are respect those artist who make art for free.even a artist not so cool.
I never call other artist's work is "SHIT" even I don't like this.
Because you are a maker,you spend time on it for free.

I has...

PoochyCruelCloud 1 year ago
I interested of pokéguild you just make. Have you more space for me???
Asherkun 3 years ago
awesome gallery ^^

do you have a account as well?
shotien 3 years ago
Yes,I use same mane in FA.
Flama 3 years ago
If you make five more thing I most likely going to fav you.
shotien 3 years ago
I'll try my best!!
404_account_deleted 3 years ago
Hay! I like your drawings! :D Keep up the good work^^,
shotien 3 years ago
Thanks for favs!!I'll do my best!