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About Nachtfangen
Don't have much to say about myself.

I'm a wolf, or a skunk, depending on my mood.

I do a little writing here and there. I can be found on SecondLife as Shadowborne Cardiff if you want to chat.
species Wolf
gender male from East Texas, USA
loves Canine, Celtic, Film likes Action, Adventure, Ambient hates Anal vore, B-snakes, Depressing
66 submissions 1 roleplay characters 76,992 page views 664 comments received 280 comments posted 10,267 profile views
groups   Sci-Fa Furries
  Male Human x Furry
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Latest Journal posted 11 Sep 2013

Hey folks, not like I'm prone to advertizing and all that, but a highly talented artist is looking to drum up some more business.  As much as she can handle and then some.

She's a spectacular artist, and like most artists out there, uses her art to make ends meet.

So, if you like good art and are looking to have some of your very own, check her out here and here.  I'm sure she'll be quite happy if y'all drop by.

For an idea of her skills; the attached image she did for me, and she's working on a cover illo for my Sean/Taws series.

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Bed Head Red 1 month ago
Bawha, Oh dear, Anyway I manged to find you, so yay me.
IndigoNeko 7 months ago
Just finished reading your Sean and Taws series. Absolutely amazing work.
Dahak 8 months ago
Its summer time up here and I spend as much time as I can out at my mine so only make it back to town about once a month or so. Was glad to see you've been busy while out playing in the dirt.
wharrl 10 months ago
OOOOOO can't wait for the Sean&Taws story to continue really looking forward the the 3rd installment. I know how you feel about the whole credit situation all too well damn greedy credit companies!!!
Nachtfangen 8 months ago
And they return! :)
alms4purgie 1 year ago
BTW man, congratulations on your 10th place entry in the Winter Story Writing Contest. : )
alms4purgie 1 year ago
Hey! Thanks so much for the watch and the fave of my story. I really hope I can continue to entertain you. : 3
Of The Wilds 1 year ago
Hello! Nice meeting you at the writer's panel at FF today. I was the long haired one, lol. Looks like you actually faved an old story of mine before, based on a previous shout I left. One of my rare anthro based stories, lol. Most of my stuff on here revolves around a dragon and a human woman, these days. Anyway, nice to meet you!
Nachtfangen 1 year ago
I perused my very limited favs list and could not find one... unless it's on FA.
I'll have to go through your work again, though I'm only incidentally taken to dragons. Size and lack of fur (usually) is the main issue. Nice meeting you tho! Couldn't find you again after that panel.
Of The Wilds 1 year ago
Oops! My mistake. I thought I'd mentioned a fav in the shout I left previously, but looks like it was a 5/5 vote rather then a Fav. You also left a comment from the looks of it. ( "It"
being a thank you shout I left a while back, down a few under this one. )

The story you 5/5'd and commented on was The Sleeping Bag Game.

One of my little silly but fun anthro stories hehe.

My main writing is The Dragon In The Dungeon, which is basically a serialized fantasy novel I post here and on FA. But mostly here, since this place is so much more receptive to writers.

It's far and away my most popular work, too. I have more favs ( 270+ ) on the first installment here than I have on all 7 installments put together on FA, and more views on that single story then I have page views on my entire FA account LOL.

Was a pleasure meeting you as well! I was in the E-book publishing panel after that, but then I was starving and went to find some dinner. Spent much of the rest of the weekend meeting up with friends old and new, but I did make time to watch Furry Night Live, which was awesome!

Hope you had a great rest of con!
Nachtfangen 8 months ago
I'll be there this year as well.
Maybe people will eventually begin to recognize the name. :) My latest work is generating a trickle of interest.
Of The Wilds 8 months ago
Good to hear. That would be awesome if they did!

This year...or next year, I guess, there is also going to be a Fantasy/Sci Fi Literary convention the same weekend. In fact it will be at the old Furry Fiesta hotel, so just a mile or two away from the new one.

I may have to try going to both cons, lol.
Nachtfangen 8 months ago
Depends on the writing track this year - Last year it was just a touch anemic compared to previous years, but still better than what I saw at AC the same year (which was maybe 3 whole panels).

Having a F/SF con two miles away could help us, or hurt us. Depends on how many trolls are wandering around.
Vincent Banks 1 year ago
Hey there. Thanks for accepting my friend request! Really nice to meet you!
Doctor Otter 1 year ago
thanks for the vote
Cyan Argent 1 year ago
Thanks for the 5/5 rating! Love your art! :3