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About Dr MysterieOs
A Robot, with a robot penis.

also likes World of Warcraft, and Daft Punk.

Enjoys metal from time to time.

Enjoys all kinds of furs shape and size.

Has a chubby brown bear form, will change upon request.

Whisper friendly, Loves comments.

May 2nd 2011 - Deemed troll by Speaker. Herp Derp.
species Robot / brown bear
gender male
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shamanger 8 months ago
Kamen Riders! =o
Das Artist 2 years ago
I see you watching me! O_o... *pelts you with used condoms*
Tigersage 3 years ago
Sir you have the best profile pictures around!
mugman 3 years ago
hmm nice picture of triple H
OneHotWolfie 3 years ago
Thanks for the +watch! :)
Unicornx 3 years ago
I bet you liked that. :3

A robot on a furry community.
That is also something I dont think I've seen before.
You're unique. I like that. ;D
GLaDOS MK III 3 years ago
Dr MysterieOs 3 years ago
Nuuu my Shout box virginity!