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i do say old chap' tea crumpets and all the lot.... SPIFFING! (if you dont get it your not british =P )

so im from Britan, nottinghamshire' a small little town called Newark.

Anything else you want to know, well its as simple as asking!

also my settings about being herm means this is a shared account =P

O.o i have a mistress now
species Wolf
gender hermaphrodite
loves Canine, Dragon likes Anatomically Correct, Chakat tolerates age play
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Latest Journal posted 03 Dec 2010

Does anyone know any good free writing programs and possible links?

i have just moved to a new laptop and don't have the money at the moment to buy the entire Microsoft office kit, i would well apperciate it as i cannot write any more until i have something good to write on.


Emmorin 2 years ago
OOOH A Lady Friend! WOOT!
Reileo 2 years ago
You don't have to thank me! <3 But your welcome hon! ^.=.^
Sparky15756 2 years ago
(Not sure if my reply on your profile shows up on here, so...)

Yes, good morning to you and we meet YET AGAIN, for the first time. :3
Cristaleyes 2 years ago
Thanks for the vote ^^
carlos_penguin 2 years ago
Thanks for the stars! ^v^
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Thanks so much for the watch! =n.n=b
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Thanks for the fave and stars X3 <3
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Thx Fur watch!
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Thanks for the 5/5 :)