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Latest Journal posted 28 Dec 2009

Krystal in Peril--

i tried posting this journal 2 times now, must be the bugs in the new system...
copy pasted from the group description--

Fans of that blue vixen from Star Fox in perilous situations. It might be capture at the hands of the sharpclaws, a well set trap by Starwolf, or thousands of possibilities. An idea pioneered by the greats such as Vixen Tamer, RedRover and Sonicfox.This group is for the discussion and acknowledgment of this topic. Got a link to a good pic or story share it. Got an idea but your not a writer? Hand it over to someone who will. The more that join the merrier, so invite your friends and your mom.

Im going to ammend that group description soon, so if you have any ideas or sugguestions please send me a shout or comment. I figured if youre watching me your likely into this genre. Please consider joining and spreading the word,

Thank you- GeneralScales

P.s- if you have some related work, please link it to...


vixentamer 1 year ago
Hi, General. I consider Krystal's timeline.
Plz add your line if you want. ^^
Sonic Fox 3 years ago
Nah, I think they just want me to fight with these guys that hate me because I like Krystal.
GeneralScales 3 years ago
Stupid thing to hate someone for. People tend to be very irrational on the internet.
Sonic Fox 3 years ago
Are you still around?
GeneralScales 3 years ago
Hardly, sir. Sorry bout that.
Sonic Fox 3 years ago
Ok, cause some guy found my email and keeps sending me messages with links that don't work saying to look you up on rule 34.
GeneralScales 3 years ago
odd. I am not registered at rule 34 nor is any of my work posted by me or anyone else as far as i know. Perhaps someone is name camping. Which i don't get...why not name camp on an actual artist. If he's trying to contact me please, direct him here or F.A. If he is scamming, harassing, or bothering you, sorry dude. if it because of my leap of absence, again sorry to anyone who cares, i will try to pick up the slack.
kaboomers 3 years ago
thanks for the watch.
Gem21 4 years ago
How ur stories coming?
Gem21 4 years ago
hi. what up?
draconicon 4 years ago
I wonder if something fresh is coming soon.
hi there
Kyte 4 years ago
Hope to see the sequel soon!
GeneralScales 4 years ago
the sequel is near completion. i had to do a major overhaul on the story line.
Yiffer420 4 years ago
Love your work