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So here I am, a confirmed old bear and likely to remain so.**

"Well if... if you won't repent, then... then at least take a bath!"

** OOops, literary Reference
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Latest Journal posted 28 Nov 2013
Well, let us ask, "Why is this Thanksgiving different from all the others?"
   Well this is the first thanksgiving after having a cancer found inside me and having it removed.
   And this is what I am grateful for this year;
          I am grateful for great doctors; not everywhere in the world has them.
I am grateful for my being able to afford the hospital to have the cancer removed.  And that was no small cost that was paid.
 I am grateful for having a job, last year I didn't have one.  A job is something that makes me feel some self worth.  Like I have value, at least in my own eyes.  
I am very grateful this year, because someone I love - but had disappeared from this site PM'ed me -- and let me know he was still my friend.  That made me cry a bit.  He had something terrible, really terrible happen, and he couldn't  contact me in any way to tell me what had happened.  But finally, after almost two years,  he found a way to get a message to me, and i...


firefromheaven 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the watch!!!

Us old Farts need to stick together. There aren't many of us on this site...
Io 4 months ago
May you & yours have a Merry Christmas & the best wishes of this coming New Year! XP
Io 5 months ago
Happy Halloween! now were is my treat? XP
Io 6 months ago
Wooof!. XP
lupestripe 7 months ago
Thanks for the 5/5 vote :)
Tempo 7 months ago
New Adept Paws story! ; )
SMWolf 10 months ago
Thanks for the Fave! That was an "Oldie But Goodie".
Erik the wolf 1 year ago
Thanks for the vote ^^
Atlas86 1 year ago
Thank you for watching and supporting me for the past 3 years, and I hope we'll have many fun, sex-filled years in the future.
Gray Muzzle 1 year ago
Just stopped by to see how you're doin'......