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Hear my roar but also listen to my music selection at:

There you will find what I'm thinking about music wise and it does get updated as often as possible so enjoy!
species Texicanized Swamp Lion
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Latest Journal posted 29 Oct 2013

Character Meme Ala SwiftWindSpirit Stole this from my good ol' buddy of mischief"> who also has an FA page under the name Devin and a DA page under Skippy2243 Class is in session:

1. Hello, there! Please, introduce yourselves!

SWSP: They call me Swift, my real name is Andrew. I'm using my writer pen name I sign at the end of some of my messages to others.

Swift: Your King is tight on time so make this quick or I will make sure you are fed to the scavenger Jackals!

SWSP: Don't worry Swift, I'll handle most of this if you wish.

Swift: Fine. However, the masses deserve to hear me speak!

2. Well, it's a pleasure to meet both of you - tell me, are you ready to begin?

SWSP: Ok, shoot!

Swift: You may proceed on my terms, got it?

3. Okay! First question: What do you guys think about each other?


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grune-daddy 2 years ago
Alpha Dog 3 years ago
Your welcome for the watch and I didnt know you had an FA too so i will definatly look at it. :)
darkbear 4 years ago
Hi there. Thanks so much for all the support! Really, really appreciate it, and sorry for taking so long to answer you; I was away from this site for months. You can imagine my surprise at the do-over they gave it!
LockTheSilent 4 years ago
ty for all the favs. btw ^^ *hugs*
FalconMage 4 years ago
Thanks for the fave!!
Demon The Werewolf 4 years ago
Oh yea, I know F4L and I do remember seeing you there ^^ You should check out furries xtreme if you already haven't, its the x-rated version of furry4life ^^ *hugs and slurps*
Torakuma 4 years ago
Thanks for the Music fav :D
Anatomically Incorect 4 years ago
While I appreciate your comment on my journal, I renmoved it because I do not feel like being the stepping stoll for someone else's political rants. Right now, I'd prefer to be left out of that whole... SNAFU, as it were.
Thank you.
CptQwark 4 years ago
Im honored! But like I wrote in my personal information: Don't expect me to post a new song every week ;)
Still; Thank you for the watch and the positive comments! It really means much to me ^^
TheFurryAngel 4 years ago
Texacanized Serengeti Swamp Lion? Thats a new one to me :P