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About a d d i s o n
so I'm this kinda lanky looking figure. I'm hella white, brilliant white with some scattered black spots over my body. my ears are black and somewhat to pointy for a dalmatian. I'm usually wearing some kinda shorts and running apparel with converse shoes on.

I'm one boy
i play rough,

likes: running, furrys, music, drinking, art, some books, some magazines, video games, KORG, and my drum set. my laptop too.

dislikes: people in general. Addison is sadly, a washed up track star.
species anthro dalmatian
gender male
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Haze_The_Gecko 3 years ago
Cuz someone wanted a fwiend. :3
~Sour 4 years ago

have a comment once a year! xD
~Sour 5 years ago