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About Lutra
Okay you wanna know the otterfox, well here he is.

I am you run-of-the-mill otterfox writer. I am a hybrid of a Brasilian giant otter and an arctic fox. Still gay as ever too, just in case anyone was worried about that. If anyone wants to add me to any sort of IM, I will list all of mine below (and there are a lot that I am often on).

I use Trillian Astra Pro so I have all the chats I can possibly have. The first on my list is for other Trillian users only. Feel free to add me to any IMs that you may use.

Astra: LutraMustil
AIM: LutraMustil
YIM: lutra_mustil
Live (MSN):
ICQ: 587648572
Skype: lutra.otter.j
Second Life: Lutra Zelin
Furnet IRC: LutraMustil
Anthrochat IRC: Lutra
SoFurry: Lutra -
F-List: Lutra Mustil -
Twitter: LutraMustil
XBox: Lutra Mustil

See? There are a lot of ways to contact me. Though if you do add me and/or contact me on any of these, please say that you are from FA so I know where you got my info. I do love to RP, so feel free to contact me about that if you would like. ^-^ This list may grow at any time too. I do get around to writing journals now, so I will let you know of any changes in my journals.

I now have a Nintendo DS and have a few friend codes that you can add. Just note me with yours too.

Pokemon Platinum: 0131-4517-3150
Pokemon SoulSilver: 0002-6095-2401
Pokemon Explorers of Sky: 2235-9873-5574

Thank you to Riv from SL for my current profile picture.
species White-furred otterfox
gender male from Walla Walla, WA, USA
loves Cunt Boy, Gay, Male likes Cat, Skunk
5 submissions 6,697 page views 37 comments received 87 comments posted 3,541 profile views
groups   All Male Gayness
  Tentacles on Males
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Latest Journal posted 24 Oct 2013

Well it took me long enough! I have a story that is going to be posted up very soon! A random idea came to me while I was laying in bed and it turned into a short story. :3 It's not a long one, but I think it's alright and it has potential to turn into a much bigger story! And it's adult, so that makes it more fun!

Now what I'm looking for is a possible proofreader or two before I send it out! If you are interested, feel free to respond here or note me with your email address! When I email out the document, further instruction comes in the email. Don't be shy!

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Thanks so much for the fave and the other enthusiasm ^.^ on Best. Blizzard. Ever. Since you're also watching (thank you!) you'll be among the first to know when I post the next story in the series.

I'm glad you're enjoying it!
Jade Indigo 4 years ago
I'm guessing you might be the only ottertaur on SoFurry. You're certainly the only ottertaur I've ever encountered. Different is good!
Kenneth Beltan 4 years ago
Thank you so much for the favs, comments, ect. Very much appreciated.

Ottertaur. Cool! Can't go wrong with them, especially otters. :D
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