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Latest Journal posted 03 Jun 2009
Literally, a Ford Focus hatchback (ZX2 me thinks) on the road while driving my car back into town for the first time.
Long LONG drive but it seem to hold up nicely.
I still hear a few things that make my skin crawl and teeth chatter but those sounds should soon be eliminated once I get my new aluminium suspension set and fully rebuild my axles :D

Well, onto the 'Focus' thing, I was just coming out of Eureka, MO on I44, passing Six Flags in the carpool lane when I pass this rather nice looking Focus. It wasn't like riced out or done up wrong but decent for the daily driver. Nice paint job, no obnoxiously/ignorantly huge spoiler(wing) in the rear and wasn't loud ither but I could tell (and smell o_O) that he has been doing some things to the engine of it.
Well we're cruising along at about 60mph (about 100k/mph) then he gets infront of me and stays at that speed. So me, with my Lead Foot Syndrome (L.F.S) problems, I got out and went around him then upped the speed to the 80s mainly...

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Flite 2 years ago
Thanks for the watch! :]
Alpha Dog 3 years ago
Thanks for the watch even though I dont know what I did to earn it. :)
Death~Gigas 6 years ago
oo you like me ^^. Since you're watching now, I thought it'd be nice to bring to attention that within the next few days I should be releasing my 2nd story, its looking to turn out much, much better then my 1st. Have a good one, now. :)
Ez-Bone 6 years ago
Pad 6 years ago
Hey, thanks for the watch. I'm afraid I don't submit that much really. Just the occasional interesting dream.
Ez-Bone 6 years ago
hehe, i watch people i like :P
Death~Gigas 6 years ago
Hi again. I'm not really sure if you received an email from me but, I'm getting close to finishing my first story, and I was wondering if you would like to take a look at it when I'm done. I don't feel as if it is satisfactory. >.
Ez-Bone 6 years ago
Just logged on and got it lol and sure ^^
Death~Gigas 6 years ago
haha ok ^^ Be expecting an email shortly.
Death~Gigas 6 years ago
Ahh.. i now see my mistake I made :3 Goes to show how nooby I am to YS XD - Anyway keep up the nice work :)
Ez-Bone 6 years ago
hehe, its ok, I'm a n00b as well *gives a n00b hug* x3 we all have to crawl before we can walk then run :P
Death~Gigas 6 years ago
Mm.. speaking of that, im hoping to start writing some yummy stories soon :D! so long as I'm not too busy with stuffs. If you want I can give you a sneak peak on my first one (whenever I start it >.
BrushingCrumbs 6 years ago
I like your sketchy ness. Wish my technique was that flowy. My stuff tends to block out sometimes lol. Nice meeting you.
Ez-Bone 6 years ago
Lol, that's how mine was too once I started drawing bodies and whatnot, it happens to everyone until you keep at it and practice and you'll eventually get it ^^ My only problem now is keeping proportions and a constant style and what I mean by that is, the only way I can make people know me from other people I draw is certain characteristics (ie; hair, markings, etc) I can't seem to keep one style for any of my chars and it's rather annoying x.x
BrushingCrumbs 6 years ago
Awws, well I draw almost everyday :3 BUT OH NOOOOEZ I ran out of room in my sketchybook so I have to buy a new one lol. XD And I understand about your style situation changing of. (And yer I know I sound spackey not putting my sentences together properly lol.) Take a peek at my horrible drawingsies. *hug*
Ez-Bone 6 years ago
they not horible x3 art is art, just different people view it differently, im one of those that can see almost anything as a form of art ^^
BrushingCrumbs 6 years ago
Thanks lol
Ez-Bone 6 years ago
sure thing x3
Zevery 6 years ago
Love your style. Maybe we could do a trade sometime. Your musculature is especially pleasing to the eye. Keep up the good work. May have to check out your stories sometime too if you'd like. ^^
Ez-Bone 6 years ago
OOOOOOO!!! I would luff to do a trade! :D sounds fun x3
Sykes 6 years ago
lollers Thanks for the watch bro. :P
Ez-Bone 6 years ago