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About Kyuuketsukii
I am Xero Curosai-Black.

My strongest talent is writing, but I try to draw from time to time. I take suggestions, but I'll only actually draw what I feel I can do well. I do free art for those who don't ask (figure that one out lol)

Okay, Xero Black:

Species: Panther

Appearance: Tall, slender, long black hair

Eyes: Yellow or blood red, depending on mood

Piercings: one ring in lower lip, 2 in left eyebrow, 2 in left ear

Age: 850 (appears 32)

Ht.: 6'4

Wt.: 190

Orientation: (the one where it doesn't matter)

Mate: V. Curo.

*MSN is the way to talk to me, but don't try it before telling me who you are on here (if i don't know you, i block you)
species Panther
gender male likes Cunt Boy
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Latest Journal posted 12 Jan 2012

To all my watchers, new and old. People who fave/vote/comment/share my work. I regret to inform you, I will officially no longer be posting here.

Recently one of my pictures was removed from my gallery because it was 'not furry'. I made it clear in its description that the character was designed to be species/gender ambiguous because I wanted it to fit for anyone looking at it. Someone looked at it, left me a negative comment and apparently flagged me.

I get that unless you're a moderator, you basically have to play by the rules, but damn. I do one pic without claiming a species and it gets removed. Anyway, I'm done on this site. I compared my audience here and on FA and I only have 12 more watches here than there. Not enough for me to stay and be censored.

If you are, for whatever reason, still interested in my work, I can be found at the following locations:  and


I wish you all we...

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Iscin 2 months ago
Thank you for watching.
Calypso the Wolf 2 years ago
Well, I hate to be part of the bandwagon, but thanks for the fave and the watch! :D Glad you enjoyed "Guilty"!
FrANUBIS 2 years ago
Thanks for the fav and watch! ^^
laserslutboy 2 years ago
hehe i love the dark yiffy side ;)
Mog Moogle 3 years ago
Thanks much for another fav! ^.^
KeurinNerim 3 years ago
Thank ya for the watch :x
Rinzy 3 years ago
thank you for the watch :3
Korrado-Xan 3 years ago
Thanks I'm really glad that you enjoyed my story! As I said before I hope that I can have more stuff coming sooner rather than later!
dream_and_nightmare 3 years ago
What are you talking about? I am on FurAffinity:
Lone Maxwell 3 years ago
Thank you for the favourite! *Hugs*